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Giving a Chance to New Sellers!

Little advice for newbie buyers:

There are many talented sellers on 5r. There are some with hundreds or even thousands of excellent reviews to back them up. Then there are the newbies with zero or perhaps a few reviews just waiting for the chance to prove they are the “Top Dog” - in a sea of thousands of sellers in the same nitch.

Not all new sellers are created the same. Some are professionals from the day job or previous career and truly are EXPERTS in what they do. Being a freelancer on 5r means there is no overhead and it’s a cost saving for them.

These newbie sellers could be:

  • A new mom taking a break from the corporate world or
  • A retiree who needs or wants few extra cash without having to go back to the office
  • Someone unable to work outside the home due to an illness or physical condition

They have exceptional abilities and you may very well be getting work that is worth hundreds or even thousands for fraction of the cost.

  • I hired a newbie photoshop expert with zero reviews who gave me the “WOW” factor!

  • I worked with two newbie manuscript editors who gave me work that was equal to corporate professionals - simply because they were.

  • I’ve worked with newbie article writer who gave me writings that far surpassed many others I’ve worked with in the past.

On and on and on . . .

You may be the next buyer to find that :ring: or hidden gem on 5r. So, go ahead and give that newbie with zero reviews a chance. Make sure he/she has a genuine profile picture, great gig pictures, well written description - and take the plunge.

You take the time to research and find the right seller and you too can get thousands of dollars of work for hundreds.

Oh, when you do find that awesome new seller - take the time to give them a well written review (5 stars, of course) and if you can, give them a nice gratuity for the awesome work you got for pennies on the dollar elewhere! :slight_smile:


Great post, Gina! :upside_down_face:

Just like :shopping: for a new pair of :high_heel: :high_heel:. I don’t mind giving the new shop owner in the strip mall a chance to take my money :moneybag:. :money_mouth_face: I’ve had great experience working with new sellers. They treated me fairly and their professionalism was on point.


I’ve been sitting in my comfort zone for too long. I’m hiring the tried and true sellers from My Favorites section.

I’ve been trekking out to the newbie section. 5r seems to be tweaking and showing a bunch of new sellers on the first page.

I still buy mostly from my regular sellers but when I have time, I like to see if I can add another newbie to my “Regular” seller list! :heart:


That would be me. When I want to hire someone to do jobs for me, I look for newbies with quality work. I have only employed 2 or 3, but I never have bee disappointed. What is interesting is they all were young, teens and people in their early 20’s.

  • New mom can be in their early 20’s.
  • Teens are awesome at designing graphic art, web, computer games - it’s their world! I say kudos to the teenagers getting a head start in life & earning some video game money while having fun. :smile:

This reminds me of @bradencollins10 and @youssefkamel. These young fellas are wise beyond their ages, better than some of these grown :peach: men, who can’t seem to figure things out.

Braden’s new pic is awesome. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh my goodness. Those two are indeed very talented young men.

I’ve hired braden - under his old and this new account! He does fantastic work. I mean grown up, great support, professional type!

I looked at youssef’s gig several times. Today, I got excited at his gig but then he had a disclaimer (because I am one of those people who actually read the seller’s gig description - and try not to order by mistake) that I can’t hire him. My :broken_heart: ! :anguished:


Yep, there are a few more out there too, like @jonathanmaes564 and @archiemiller830
There was also a teen girl who drew my awesome forum profile background pic and a few others who are not active any more.

Any teen I have worked with has always been great at what they do and easy to deal with, and not just for small jobs either.

That said, I can say the same about the old people I have worked with too although they probably wouldn’t appreciate me tagging them.


That’s because robots do their real-world jobs now. Fiverr is all they have, bless them.


Very nice! :slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting, now that you’ve mentioned your profile background. I was always curious about the artist. In the back of my mind, I really thought it was @woofy31 but I guess I was wrong. The dinosaur is cool! Wait… what about the young guy who created the lovely Eoinna image lol? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I :heart: love working with young people. Giving them an opportunity to get started in this crazy workforce world. I remember when I was their age, older people gave me a chance to spread my wings. :butterfly: Looking back, I’m so grateful for the things they’ve taught and shown me.


I just :heart: on of Jonathan’s gigs for a possible future use! :slight_smile:

It looks like Archie has gone off to do bigger things - perhaps skydiving :airplane: or sight :eyeglasses: the world! :slight_smile:

Well, if you’re still here, come take a bow gentleman! We love talented minds of all great sellers.


Thankyou very much @eoinfinnegan!

But as for @gina_riley2’s assumption, he’s right!
Life’s gotten crazy and school and sport have taken priority. While I would love to be as active as I was before I just don’t have the time, but that doesn’t mean I won’t accept the occasional job. :wink:


That’s such a wonderful post to grab attention to new sellers!

Honestly, I never thought to get out of my comfort zone and hire a new seller before. I always went for either those sellers I know from the forum or the ones with a good-enough review.

But with this post coming at the right time, I’m going to actually take the move & start searching for the hidden talents between new sellers.:mag: Because once upon a time not long ago, someone gave me the opportunity as a new seller to show off what I got & I should pass this behavior on so others could have the same opportunity to show what they got. :sunny:

@gina_riley2 Finally someone who actually reads the gig description! :smile: I had to add this disclaimer from the several users contacting me thinking it’s a WP gig. Anyway, even after adding the disclaimer, they still do that. Not sure what else I should do. :confused:
Maybe I should start providing one?:thinking:


I wish there was a way to share fav lists :slight_smile:
I trust some of the forum regulars more than 1000 random reviews :stuck_out_tongue:

After reading a post like this I have to buy something from Braden :smiley:


So there are people on earth who trust newbies!
These types of posts boost motivations.Though till yet I did not find any luck but I am trying my best from 3 months.
And I follow the top secret whenever you fail, look back at your work and analyze where is the deficiency and then try again till the success.


Of course, but their service quality still matters :wink:


I :yellow_heart: your positive attitude! :slight_smile:

I wish you best wishes.

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I totally vouch for Braden, excellent communication, 5 :star: quality work, and very thorough.
You won’t be disappointed! :sunglasses:


:heart: :heart: :heart: :laughing:

Maybe I’m greedy but I like being the first!

I had a seller thank me for getting him started. He was a level 0 then, now a level 2. Somehow after I gave him a review - more buyers came his way. It could be coincidence but you know, I’m happy to take the credit. :slight_smile:

It feels good to do something great for someone else - to watch them succeed and knowing maybe you were a small part of their success.

That is an excellent reason for not being on 5r!

This site will still be here and we will be waiting when you’re ready to return! :heart:

I get and give recommendations to several people on projects via PM. It works! I originally hired Braden because Eoin did - his first account, rest is history. :grinning:

This is exactly what I was hoping for when I created this thread. I wanted to encourage new buyers that there are hidden talents among new sellers. It’s not all doom and gloom on the forum! :smiley:


Thank you @gina_riley2

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