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Giving a cheap rate at the job ratio is a threat to Seller


There are almost all kinds of work available in Fiverr. But no work can be found more than you need. If you can work that way you can gig over that work.Many new people do not understand and do not understand their gig fists open. In addition, it is very low rate of working ratio.
For example, graphics design of Full stationary should be of at least $50. Because a designer will be a great designer by hard work and adversity.Only He knows how much work to be done through hard work, creativity and meditation. But many such gigs see that they do the same thing in just $10. This is not just a matter of fact, but a designer is nothing but shorter. So the advice for the newcomers is that fiverr will remain, but prepare yourself for Fiverr.
Hope you will succeed. Happy Fiverring.


iT’S hard to think
sellers are taking 4-5 years course of Fine Art
just to sale $5 Gig! LOL
What a Super Wast of time…


same here . most client not willing to pay more than $5 :’(


In such cases, your communication skills matters! :slight_smile:


There are multiple ways to succeed on Fiverr if you have great skills. You can sell high volume at a low price which is fine to do. Some sellers will do 10 minutes worth of work and earn $4, so $40 per hour can be quite nice for a seller who can do that. They have to sell lots of gigs (high volume) to make good money, though.

Another seller may choose to do 1 hour or 8 hours or 16 hours of work for a higher price. Many sellers have a mid or high priced package for this purpose. Those gigs may be lower volume but earn more $ per order. It is fine to succeed that way too.

Sometimes a brand new seller or someone with a new gig will have to work for very little to get established so there is nothing wrong with that either. Those sellers will eventually need either higher prices or more volume to start earning good money. Bargain prices are a normal way to market yourself on a temporary basis. It just won’t work long term unless the seller is just selling as a hobby.


Well said :slight_smile:


One more reason of cheap rates is reselling.
Today I saw a buyer request from a buyer from Si*******re. I sent him an offer for $15 (his price was $15 too). This is normal price for this kind of job plus I always deliver high-quality vector files.

After few hours I saw another buyer request from different “buyer” (actually seller) who reposted same task and same picture just for $5.


It might be just me, but the OP reads as a terribly translated block of Google translated text. :wink:


I couldn’t understand all of it either. I just skipped over those bits. :slight_smile:


I thought I was reading word soup! :laughing:


It is not matter of fun , it is real that many buyers don’t want to pay up to $5. Lower & short minded seller responsible for these.


Yes. You are fully right. Also suggests newcomer in fivrrr via your reply you should try earn the wage /money as your work done.