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Giving a Ebook to my clients

I am a logo designer on fiverr and I offer the source file with my logo only for my PREMIUM package. I have written an ebook about “Building a successful Brand”. They can use that book to learn about branding and branding tools. I want to give it FREE for my clients. Is it okay ? Or is it a TOS violation?

Tricky one - probably a question you would need to ask Customer Support, and perhaps let them have a look at the book when you ask?

I’ve never heard of anyone doing this, and it’s actually a really good idea from a brand-building perspective… But it does sound like the kind of thing that Customer Support could come down pretty hard on, if they felt that it went against the Terms of Service.

They’re so strict about outside contact etc. One mention of your Instagram account (for example) on a page of your book could be seen as trying to take business off-Fiverr, so it would have to be quite carefully written to ensure you’re not building your ‘non-Fiverr’ brand in any way.