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Giving a tip for incomplete work

Hi there! I just submitted a request to a designer for work that they couldn’t complete due to technical issues. My money was refunded, but I’d still like to leave a tip for their efforts. How do I do that? Thank you!


There’s no way beyond asking them to send you a custom offer for the tip amount you would like to give them.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


I’d start by messaging the buyer explaining your situation and then you could probably purchase their gig again and just use that as a tip or have them send a custom offer so you send them $5 as a tip. Hope this helps!(kinda confused as to why you’d tip no service but Good Luck and thanks for being a good person noticing that they worked hard still!)


You are good person
Good luck in your business


Thanks for the response guys! I appreciate the advice.

WOW - that is really cool!! Very thoughtful. I believe you simply place a $5 order.