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Giving back to the community {POLL}

Hey there everyone!

I’m carving out time every day out of my animating schedule, to prepare a list of short posts that will hopefully be helpful to sellers of all levels here on Fiverr.

So now that I have some things jotted down, I realized there are many different aspects to this.

So please take a second to participate in this poll and let me know what you think would be most useful.

A guide on how to set up a gig
Pretty self-explanatory this one. I will let you know how to properly set up a gig, and exactly what to do, in order to set up shop. This is not just about how to use Fiverr’s gig making qizard, but also about WHAT you need to sell and how to figure that out.

Communication coaching
I can share real-life examples straight from my inbox, that show things like:
-how to close a deal
-how to make sure you communicate in a professional manner
-what to do when you are faced with abusive buyers
-how to stand your ground when negotiating

Seller’s mentality
This is a more abstract thing, but it’s really important. This is more about the bigger picture.
How you should plan things strategically, and set realistic goals you can maintain. (and grow as a professional, regardless of the field)

I may need to call in a few favors -looking at you @paulmaplesden and @danno1950- in case I need help with writting the actual posts. This is not for me after all, this is giving back to the community.

I think we Pro labeled sellers need to do that. :slight_smile:

  • A guide on how to set up a gig
  • Communication coaching
  • Seller’s mentality

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Great idea, Frank! I think this is a wonderful way to pool our knowledge, and help the whole platform.

I’ll be glad to help with writing the posts. Just let me know what you need!


Howdy, Frank!

Thank you for having the desire to give back to the Community! :heart_decoration:

I think this would be very extremely ‘beneficial’ for us sellers. I particularly like the idea of communication coaching. :ok_hand:t4: It’s kinda like the day in the life of a PRO seller [inbox]. In fact not just pro but a seller that climb the ladder from the very bottom to the top. I’m looking forward to reading these posts. :smiley:

If we see more TRS, Ambassadors, and PROs alike do selfless stuff like this… It would be a huge benefit to the Community!


Hey Nika!

Thank you for your kind words. :slight_smile:

I think it will be really interesting to see some real life examples of messages I received and how I responded to them.

I’m not claiming I have all the answers or that I responded perfectly each time, but there are plenty of lessons there for begginers and seasoned sellers alike.

I was thinking of posting the message I got, then make it interactive by asking for everyone to handle that message, and in the end I would post my reply, the reason behind it etc.

I was also thinking of some dialogues of negotiations -got plenty of those- with NFL-like play by play commentary.

What the buyer said, which raised a flag, which led me to change course of action.


Wow, :small_red_triangle:lovely ideas. It would be nice to read how people would handle each scenario. I for one can’t wait! Improving my customer service skill set is paramount — even though I or others may think we’ve got it covered. However, there’s so much to learn & experience. Once a week or 2 I take an online CS simulation course to brush up on my skills. So, essentially it would be a virtual learning curve for us all. Fyi~ you may not know all the answers like :robot:, but you’re still an inspiration for most of us. :stuck_out_tongue:


What you are doing is great, and you are definitely on the right track.

CS is key.

No one has all the answers.

But by sharing my experience, it’s like you gain that experience second hand and the lesson that came with it!

It’s all practical info, no boring lessons or theoretical presentation.

It’s like the closest you could get to spending a day in my studio seeing what I do!

-minus the loud music, endless stream of coffee and cracking up jokes every couple of sentences-


I’m surprised by the fact that no one is interested so far in the “how to set up shop” guide.

Especially since we get so many new threads per day from people who are asking why they don’t have any sales.

Poll is still on going, so maybe I need to wait and see. :slight_smile:


I think Seller mentality is the key to a good career. Everyone can do work, everyone can have a great looking Gig, but when you give someone the sense of security and care that some sellers do, the whole nature of the interaction changes.

Everyone is a little bit reluctant when putting their money online, especially for the first time. For some buyers, their first Fiverr transaction, depending on their seller, might very well be their last one.

Giving someone the sense that you are listening to them, caring about what they want and not just trying to write them off and collect the money does so much for a buyer-seller interaction I can’t begin to explain it. I’ll be very happy to see some advice regarding this.


Well said, Nathan! I totally agree. Customer service is a key to success.