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Giving Buyers a low rating

Hi Guys,
I am benevolent bee.
I have a question that might seem to be not much important to most of you but i think it is important one.
Giving a buyer any rating(a bad rating) can have any effect on the buyer or it is just a formality?
Hope to find informative answers.
Thank you

Giving the buyer a bad rating could mean they are less likely to buy from you again.
It might also affect other potential buyers, ie. whether they will order from you/the gig (unless maybe if they were a very bad buyer and you are explaining your side of what happened (politely) if they left a very bad review).

You don’t have to tell us your Fiverr username. We can see it in bold next to your picture.

It currently has no effect on the buyer.

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if buyer review dont have effect on buyers then whats the use of that feature

The rating you can leave it’s just an opportunity to express your side of the story. For example, there might be a buyer that is uncommunicative and rude, and leaves a bad review on you. You have the chance to leave a rating that reflects your experience and your review about it.

When other clients come to your profile, they can have a view from both side of the story, not just a low rating on your profile.

I hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:


Seriously? You don’t want to be able to rate your experience with your buyer, or post a response to their review?

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yes i want to , like buyers can see our reviews if sellers cant see buyers reviews given by us then why they are for

A buyer’s reviews are always visible on the gigs they ordered from (and posted a review for). I would imagine that Fiverr doesn’t accumulate buyer reviews on buyer accounts because they don’t want sellers to be biased towards buyers. They want sellers to complete the orders that they receive, and not judge a buyer by a number.

As a seller, you should be delivering high customer service to everyone, not just the buyers that would have higher cumulative ratings.