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Giving my 100% but not getting orders?

I am confused, I am doing everything possible but not getting orders.

Any help guys…


Same to me brother .

Been here since february and haven’t made a thing.

Same here, I really thought by now I should going pretty well with Fiverr. How do we get order someone please help

Try to stay online and promote your gigs. Do your best efforts and research to improve your gigs.
I wish you luck :crossed_fingers: i hope you’ll get your order soon

What does that mean, what have you been doing to get orders?
Perhaps if you explain a little about what you have done so far, people could explain the next steps or additional advice for how to do things.


You could use some of the regular tips people give to get more orders, send out offers to buyers requests, use relevant keywords, tags, improve gig description, add a good video, be polite and professional to potential buyers. Overdeliver on your first few orders as you really need the good reviews to get started.
There are many more tips available in other threads. However, even if you do everything you you can, you can still always improve. And sometimes, you just have to wait.

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Just be patient, some sellers wait for months to get their first order. Fiverr market is very competitive. Most of the buyer will just go to the high-reviews seller.
So what make your gig so special that other you choose yours instead of the high-ranked seller?

I’ve been on Fiverr since the first of February, after setting up my recording room and planning my gigs since early December. I’ve updated my gigs every week to see if those changes might help with my gig views. I’ve submitted responses to buyer requests for which I’ve seen no responses. When I search for sellers matching my gig service, even I have trouble finding my own gigs. Twice I’ve paid people to review my gigs to help me improve them in an attempt to gain more clicks. I have not yet discovered anything changes that have improved my visibility on this site. The only thing I know for sure is that I do not understand how Fiverr works. It doesn’t matter if I offer the very best or very worst quality work because, if buyers don’t see my gigs, nobody will place any orders. I’m here in the forum every day trying to learn how other sellers have earned success. I wish you all luck and hope that we all have the motivation to try new things that one day may lead to a sale. Cheers for now!


thank you Narjis, so nice of you

I used a better title, stayed online, used buyer requests, improved seo of my gig,

What else you suggest.

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I already have 10+ 5 stars reviews but not getting order as expecting.

Brother, it seems like we are on the same boat.


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same here bro :zipper_mouth_face:

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Honestly, I would love to hear in another week that you’ve had a ton of orders and that you are working hard just to keep up with the demand for your services. I admit, however, that I am glad that I am not alone in This feeling of frustration on this site. I’m happy to do the work to improve my gigs and improve myself, anything at all. The problem I have is that I no longer have any reason to think that my effort will make any difference. Truly, I wish you well. Thank you for sharing your experience and letting me share mine.


Thank you for so much for the kind words. I wish you all the luck and hope you become TRS within a month.

Same to you here :+1::+1::+1:

I share your sentiments. Over the years, I have completed about 300 orders, but they are far and few in between. It makes it really tough to want to continue offering a service for a Fiverr, just because “Get an order, provide quality service, and get great reviews. You’ll get more traffic, and more orders.” This does not quite ring true to me. It is simply to competitive.

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I got a few orders (4) and all at once and then… Nothing. I have no idea how this works, and I send out buyers requests everyday. At this point I don’t know what to do as well.

Truly, thanks for sharing. And please realize that I am not complaining nor do I feel any I’ll will towards Fiverr. I read about great success stories on this site and that’s very attractive. Whatever those sellers are doing, I have failed to do the same. My frustration is at myself for not being able to figure this out, as well as for having paid coaches to help guide me towards success here, all with nothing to show for it.
Also, from my own experience here, and knowing what effort I’ve out in for no sales, your 300 sales makes you look like a Fiverr prodigy! Congratulations, though I do understand you point that your orders come to you too seldomly. I hope you find someday soon that you have orders to fill your days and ratings to keep your buyers coming back again and again. Cheers!

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