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Giving Negative reviews

buyers is giving nagative reviews due to some resions so my rating is down and there is no orders and offers come on my account . so kindly tell me about rating up. thanks.

The only way you can improve your rating is to get more 5 star reviews.

The only other thing I could suggest is that you close this account, with help from CS, and open a new one to give you a fresh start.

Improve your English then Try to use fiverr to get Job as well as easily, You need to correct your grammar. " Reason " not " resions "

English is very important to communicate buyer …

don’t frustrate English is very easy. you have already known english but some grammarly mistake you have it needs to improve. there is alot online platfrom to learn english by practice just google it.

@developerayesha @dev_sal i don’t think if you are not native to English you can’t work on fiverr. he just wrote a wrong spell word and you are pointing this is main reason that you are not getting work, it is not like that if you are professional in your skill you will have work and if not whether you are fluent in English can’t get orders.
Now for @awaiskhan150 it is a fact if you have negative reviews it effects your profile badly till these negative reviews removed by 5 star reviews…


you are right but i just say communication skill with buyer is important

Anyone there is not native in English because our language is different when it comes here to work. we should have to know english 50% after that we will be able to learn 100% English from people like you by commination. smoothly we will get our goal here on fiverr.

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well this is right for a freelancer it is very important… you must understand and communicate with different peoples and for this English is must… @dev_sal

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I even trying here to learn my English skill best. I’m not good in English.

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don’t worry with the passage of time you will be a guru, i am like you…:wink:

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I Hope that we will get our Goal as soon as possible. We need Guru exactly!