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Giving out Apple ID

I have brought an app to be made from my website and the person has asked for me to send my Apple ID and password. I’m not sure about this. They said just change the password after, but they can cause a lot of damage in that time. What do you think? Is it safe?
Cheers Tor

Don’t even think about doing it. Also, I didn’t entirely understand your particular situation… But in any case, don’t contact people outside of Fiverr (such as another website, unless you have permission to do so) and if you have to share any personal info. that is required for a particular order, post it as a message on the order page.

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It is not safe. Do not do this.

Thank you for your reply’s. This is the message from the person. Who has very good reviews.

“Please if you could send me your user credentials from your google play and Apple account too so that I can further proceed with setting up your accounts and publishing the apps to.”

If the gig you’ve bought includes publishing your app then you will need to give the seller your details, or you could publish them yourself if you know how to do this.

It’s up to you to choose really.