Giving personal info in an image to buyer is traceable and harmful for my account? [ANSWERED]


Sometime buyer want personal info for communication.but pay in fiverr.So I gave attachment like image.Will it harm my fiverr account?because I don’t want to loose it. :frowning:

Mod Note: It is against the Fiverr Terms of Service to share personal communication info through text or images unless it is absolutely necessary for an active order AND you have received permission from Customer Support to share details for that one gig.

:arrow_right:See Fiverr ToS. For questions or concerns regarding Fiverr rules, please contact Customer Support.

How many time fiverr warns before ban an account?

No, I guess as long as fiverr doesn’t know it… But better to avoid it because fiverr gives you excellent platform for messaging, in some special GIGs sellers, however, are allowed to communicate through other means too…


Sometime we need to talk while buyer could not understand what he meant.Then what I can do?


You can share your skype id for communication purpose.But dont allow for personal payment.This is forbidden


Sharing personal information in any way on Fiverr is a huge no. You should stop this immediately. Aside from this possibly leading to your account being banned, it’s also a very significant personal safety issue.


You are violating terms of service by doing this. Your account will be banned if they learn of it. In addition, it is not smart to give out your personal information to buyers.

There is no reason to do this. Keep all messages on fiverr.


Personal information is like giving mail address and skype.Not any payment info.Because I don’t have any payment method beside fiverr.If buyer asks me to give skype or mail should I refuse.Then buyer will refuse to give work.Its a big issue for us who are new in fiverr.


Everyone started out as a new seller.

Terms of Service clearly state that all the information and all the materials must be exchanged within Fiverr; by taking the communication outside of Fiverr, you’re violating the Terms of Service.

Keeping all the communication within Fiverr is for your protection, too, because that way everything is documented, and if something bad happens, you can prove that you did nothing wrong. If the buyer refuses to work with you unless you accept to break the Terms of Service, do you really want to work with that kind of buyer?


A big NO to these type of buyers.

By the way what kind of work you do that need an extra platform for communication? Millions of sellers use Fiverr and they are pretty much fine with it.


Personal info for communication… Are you serious? What was the buyer going to tell you that they couldn’t do so in the fiverr inbox??

How about a bank, paypal where does your money end up when it leaves fiverr?

Fiverr will ban you and you will never get any other work on the platform


The fact you have stated you sent the contact info in an image clearly shows you know what you are are doing. What kind of idiot are you. Not only have you broken the TOS but you have posted this on the forum & now everyone knows what you are doing. Duh!. @zubairfb just because fiverr does not know does not mean its ok.


not a great work,its graphic design.sometime buyer cant explain in message what is the concept he actually want.Then buyer ask for skype or contact number in that case what I can say?


Just say no - it’s not that difficult1


Hey bro thats not mean that I am sharing my info with buyers.A buyer asked for personal info so I need suggestion in that case I posted in community.


Ok got it.I will try to make him understand saying that its forbidden and my account will be banned.


Tell him that his account can be banned, too, if he keeps insisting on breaking the rules.


A buyer asked me for personal info in that system so I asked community.


Simply tell the buyer. NO. I broke some rules when I was a beginner but when I read the rules I stopped everything and started afresh


Sometime buyer want personal info for communication.but pay in fiverr.So I gave attachment like image.???


In these cases I politely explain to the buyer that it is not allowed, and usually they are completely fine with it and we continue communicating through Fiverr.

I believe technically you can use Skype but ONLY if it is required for the gig, which I assume means if you are selling a Skype-based service such as speech lessons, consulting, etc… I don’t believe they consider correspondence about a job a “required” use for Skype.

My Fiverr account is important to me so I do not take any chances or risks regarding this. Some buyers know better, and some don’t, but I will always inform them if necessary and will not take any chances with my account.

I am surprised that you are having such an issue with this, as I personally don’t commonly get asked to communicate outside the site.