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Giving the Buyer an honest review


I have been working on Fiverr for a little over a year. I have worked so much for free already, and gave disrespectful buyers 5 stars.

I am so tired of not being able to do anything about buyers that make an order but then will require more than they paid for, won’t agree with our revision policy which is explained on our FAQ, and we have no idea what to do on this side.

If we cancel, we lose money and it affects us negatively even if the buyer is the one who is wrong. If we refuse to do what they want, they might cancel or give as a terrible review later.

We need to be quiet and accept everything. What else can we do to value our time and work in this platform?

I have this buyer now, and I know that’s wrong but we have already “argued” a bit about what revisions are for and what they are not for.
They were not clear at all at the requirements section, where they can answer in detail every aspect of design, layout, dimensions, colors, illustration style, and attach images for our better understanding of their vision.

They did not fill it properly. On the first revision, they suddenly mentioned lots of things they did not mention before and literally wanted every aspect of the design changed. I explained that wasn’t part of revision and said I would need to charge, and they did not agree to the price, so I lowered the price, and later, decided to do it for free “this time” because they were a new buyer and did not do it on purpose.

Second revision, added more things that were never mentioned. Once again, I told them that was not included on our revisions but it was ok and I would do it. They answered saying.they did not understand what we were saying, they thought “that was a revision was for”. I explained again and they did not answer.

Third time they said “thank you for the last revision, I hope this revision will be simple enough to correct” and I answered they could scroll through our hundreds of 5 stars reviews and see what other buyers said about us doing revisions with no issue until its perfect - WHEN they are actual revisions. And that it was not a matter of being simple or complex.
I know I was a little “personal”. But I was already getting so ridiculously upset of having to swallow this situation… They did not answer. I delivered the revisions. Now they sent a whole new list of dimensions for the pages, gutter, margins, bleed with very specific mm numbers and I already said before we use Canva. I don’t think Canva can do what they asked for (they never mentioned all this before although there is an option to mention their dimensions on the requirements page)… And now I am really afraid they will cancel even though we did everything and more of what they paid for. Even if they don’t cancel I am almost positive they will give a low rating because of the arguing thing.

My situation here is this:
I can only see their review after I complete my review. I think its improbable but what if I give them a 3 star for example, because I THINK they will too, and obviously because they deserve it, and then I receive their review and it’s a 5 star? That would be kinda bad.

I’ve searched here for review topics and I don’t know if they are old topics but it seems like the seller review to the buyer was AFTER the buyer review, which is not the case now. At least for me. Also, they say the sellers cannot see the other sellers reviews on buyers profile and I can see, I always do see the buyers reviews…

Anyway. I don’t know if it will be canceled but in case its not, do you think I should give this buyer an honest review, at least? Since there is nothing else I can do to make this a little fair?

Thank you!


You need to stipulate exactly what your revisions entail! I have it all in the requirement section and they have to sign afterwards.

I never ever do free work. Don’t! They must put very detailed descriptions in the order section so that they cannot come back and say they want big changes. I have all the requirements in choice answers which they have to mark, otherwise the order will not start.

Also when you discuss the order before they open an order, find out ALL they want done. They must be thorough and you mustn’t accept the order if they don’t.

Thank you for your answer. I did put a question answered on FAQ only about our revision policy but it seems like they don’t read… Many times they write “-” on questions on requirements that are necessary for the order to start, or they only answer half the question, for example question 1 is “number of pages and dimensions”, and they only answer number of pages, then on the 4th revision they want to change the dimensions they just learned from the print shop… And that changes all of the spacing and creates lots of trouble for us. It’s annoying. The worst is telling them “we cannot do this as it is not part of our revisions” and they just don’t accept. I’m afraid they cancel or give us bad rating. But I can’t just keep doing it forever…

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thank for your suggestions

Well, if they are not complying to your requirements contact Customer Services. Remember to take screenshots of all the important messages. Tell Customer Services you want to close the order. You will loose the cash, but you will not stop the customer from the abuse and also stop them from giving you a bad review. Customers can be spiteful.