Giving Your buyers more than they paid for! A little Extra never hurt


I believe fiverr gives people hope. Hope for better services than our societies has been able to provide. So I believe as fiverr sellers we owe our buyers to give them an experice that they will never forget. I give my buyers extras for free just to insure there experience was more than they could have ever expected. If we all did this, it world drive the buyers to be more inclined to bring all their business to fiverr .In turn this would help us all as a group. Fiverr is the future !! So let’s give our buyers a little extra to give the wow effect and I am 100% positive this will help the community grow and command the respect it deserves.


Free extras never hurt!!!


I definitely agree with you 100%. I try my best to give my buyers all I can with the information they give me, even if it is worth a lot more than $5. You reap a lot of good karma and you get happy feedback. :slight_smile: The buyers win and the sellers win.


Couldn’t agree more…

At the end of the day, both parties will enjoy the satisfactory services they provide & received.



true enough!! I tend to deliver longer videos than I actually offer for a fiver and attach free URL and logo too because I feel it doesn’t take much time to do that so I’m not losing anything :)) Just gained two positive reviews :slight_smile:


Funny, outside of jasveena we have inactive accounts or sellers with less than 3 sales echoing the sentiment.

Bottom line is, it’s 4 bucks. Get desperate and you will quickly lose passion for what you’re doing. Working for peanuts is never fun.


Reply to @apicturesworth: @mrspanda has been around for more than a year and she has done hundreds of tarot card reading. Her account is showing inactive may be because she has paused her gigs or she might be having some issues (I can see that she has been demoted).

What @christiancain and the others are saying is about offering someone that doesn’t cost anything much from your time/money/energy.


Her account is gone lol. I guess it makes sense to provide extras for free if it’s relatively easy and simple.

Or… If you’re already scamming the buyer with something as fictitious as tarot card reading lol. Not taking anything away from her just saying.


Can’t agree more :smiley:


A little extra does hurt. You are devaluing your gigs. $5 is very cheap and below market value for most gigs. Don’t discount it further. If anything, sellers should stand firm that they are providing great value in their gigs and refuse to discount it.

If you want to give a little extra, then communicate better, provide fast turnaround, and excellent quality. Or give something free that does not require effort like an e-book with tips on how to use the gig.