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Glastonbury 2013 - Chat


OG and myself are for the first time ever in two minds whether to go or to get a refund and continue traveling in the South of Europe.

I have been 3 times before and OG only once. We would be coming from Croatia as we have to leave our little red van there, so it is a little bit of a trek to come back for. But we have the tickets if we do want to go.

I hear that The Rolling Stones and Radiohead are rumored.

Anyone else going?


Im going for the first time, cant wait, i’m coming from ireland so its abit of a trek too but not as far as croatia. Long journey for you but it would be pretty cool to say you saw rolling stones play.

Artic monkeys are headlining friday nite.


Reply to @garavogue: Yeah it is a bit of a trek!! We are in two minds whether to skip it for next year.

Where in Sunny Ireland are you from?