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Glitch with Fiverr Test Option (1)

So, today I tried to take Content Writing test on Fiverr site. When I opened it, it said error and then in the result section, it shows I got 0 out of 10 when I didn’t even take the test. It happened twice now and now I’ll have to wait till Nov to take the test. HELP!!!

If there is anyone who faced a similar problem like this one, would appreciate the help.


Nope, not new. You’re not alone.

I had a similar issue in April and had to wait 3 months to retake the test so i can publish my gig.
I contacted CS back then, they reviewed my complaint and still told me to wait. It was kind of disheartening 'cos i needed that test to publish my gig.

So you should contact CS and hear what they have to say (even IF you are told to wait, a report of the glitch is logged and hopefully something is done about it)