Glitchy Fiverr website


I’ve run into a couple of glitches in the past 24 hours and other than submitting a report, with an estimated 24-48 hour response time, there is no way to get answers.

  1. I had a $15 credit on my account, but when I placed my order,I was directed to Paypal, with the credit not being applied. I tried this twice and finally just paid via fiverr, even though the extras I really wanted exceeded the $15 credit.

  2. When I tried adding the extras to my Fiverr order, to be paid with credit, the shopping card didn’t allow for any edits, so I ended up ordering TWO book covers and wasn’t given the chance to add the extras I wanted.

  3. I am now trying to provide the information requested by the Seller and the Start Order button isn’t functioning. I’ve tried this on 3 different browsers. My order was supposed to be finished tomorrow, which is important to me, but I can’t even get the details to the seller.

    If Fiverr doesn’t have a live chat option, they really should. When sellers promise delivery within a certain number of hours or days, and that’s the buyer’s expectation, there needs to be a more timely response from Fiverr when glitches occur. Now I’m waiting on Fiverr to get back with me via email.

    Fiverr can do a lot better than this.