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Gmail was recently hacked


Hi Everyone,

There was an incident reported that Gmail passwords were compromised. Google has mentioned that Gmail accounts are safe, however If you do use your Gmail account on Fiverr, please update your Fiverr password just to be extra safe.

Warm Regards,

The Fiverr Team


It’s true! I had to change my password for Gmail and all related Google accounts last month because my password had been compromised. I wasnt aware it was a site wide thing though, that’s interesting.


I have changed my passwords because of google passwords hacked. However the users who were activated 2-Step verification were safe.

As for Fiverr, the same 2-Step Verification must be introduced. That is an extra layer of protection for fiverr account :slight_smile:


thanks.i will change my passwords;


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Surprising , is there anything safe at the moment