Go Away. This Post Is Too Exciting For You


You looked anyway.

tsk, tsk.


Yeah, I did.
…am I in trouble? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




You win an amusing video about Japanese things!

(Jun also has cute cooking videos with cats)


Uh, um, yes, and I’m a Japanese living in Japan, hahaha.
I must say though, this video must be actually helpful for a lot of people who are interested in
moving to Japan. Let me warn you though, my country it weird. Strange. Crazy.

Just a friendly warning…enter with caution.


Too late! I have already been to Japan! My only regret is I did not do any kareoke.


Its late. The title was irresistible. Now what :confused:


boring (20 characters)


Karaoke is your only regret???
Dang, you need to go to maid cafes, say hi to the life size Gundam statue, eat your way through
Tokyo, go to a prison-themed restaurant bar, eat some more, etc etc etc.
…or did you do all of these already…?

If you ever come to Tokyo let me know, we can go to karaoke together and I’ll make you listen to
me singing. I am breathtakingly terrible when it comes to singing.


I can beat you on the singing, I got banned from assembly because of my warbles.

tsk, writer. Your cricket threads are boring.


Cricket is never boring. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s why the crickets chirp over the cricket posts.


Casting pearls before swine



That wobby 20 characters note is annoying.

But to take the pearls point seriously… come on. “oh, it looks like Cricketman 1 is going to cricketman 2, and [chirp]. A thrilling game”.

I made that up, but that’s the gist, and everyone falls asleep instantly.


Depends person to person. But believe me the part where our countries lies, people die for this sport just like ( as far as I have heard) Greeks love football.


That’s true, I was on a ferry when they won the euro wotsit. Terrifying!

But beyond that kinda stuff, not really. I think a Greek is more likely to die of overwraught and completely unncecessary drama.


overwrOught Miss Spell bee. :wink:


I do apologize. How would you like me to kill myself?


Haha. I will never want to do that with my most fav person on forum… :slight_smile:


Just like ping pong! Many deaths have occurred over ping pong. Some have slain one another right on the tables. In the big leagues, the ping pong paddles have embedded razor blades or a built in cyanide injector.

In West Texas, of course, people tend to die for bowling. They may not panic if they miss the thingies once in awhile, but if the place serves bad beer and nachos with fake cheese, some bowlers climb into the ball return and never come out. Scary!

Shuffleboard is related to frequent deaths too, although those might be natural causes.