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How can I go back to my profile from ‘Forum’? Is there click or short link? I didn’t see any button to go back.

  1. You may click on the top right position.


  1. You may Edit your Forum profile and put your Fiverr Profile URL there in “Web Site” field. After clicking save changes, you’ll be able to click on your profile id and then there the saved URL will appear for you to click.


But I have no option of…where is it? "


I uploaded my screenshot for you in previous reply.

And your device’s display width should be larger than 480px in width.


Scroll to the top, if you are scrolling down then is gone


How can I attach my screenshot? No option to attach file. There is no option of ‘,’


There is a blank space on the top of my profile picture. I just want to go back to Fiverr app. I always click back arrow again and again to go to Fiverr app from forum.


Oh sorry,
I thought you ware asking about web-browser experience. :roll_eyes: