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Go Out of Office or Jack Up Prices?


Hi guys!

Recently, I have been getting many orders and a lot of people contact me. Each day, 2 people contact me. And most order. In the past 2 weeks, I have gotten over 10 orders, each at around 150 dollars on average. Keep in mind that I am doing this part time, so maybe this is measely compared to what you experienced sellers receive :joy:
I can attribute this success to a few factors:

  1. I became a level 2 seller just around new years.
  2. I updated my gig video with a really high quality video and have been getting glowing 5 star reviews.

To all you newbies out there, the more orders you get the more fiverr starts pumping your gig out to the search. For me, as soon as I got my first 2 orders within 3 days this year, I started getting so many people contacting me. It’s a snowball effect…

So since I am so busy with real work, and fiverr work, I have upped my prices 3x more than usual. This way, I don’t have to go out of office and lose prospective clients, and I only have to work on orders that make me a lot of money for little work. If I wasn’t busy, I would keep the price as normal, but since there is more demand, the price goes up because I can’t handle all these client requests.

(sorry for all this info, here’s my question)

So spring break is coming up, and I’m going to be traveling with family. I wanted to hear you guys’s thoughts on what I should do when I am out. I was thinking of just going out of office, but then I thought what if I jack my prices so high that barely anyone would contact me (for the time being). Would this hurt my gig since I would be getting no to few orders? If someone happens to order under the really expensive pricing, I can just work on their videos on the laptop I bring with me and make time for the order since it will be a high-value order.
On the other hand, does going out of office hurt my gig?

What are your thoughts on all of this?


Jack up the prices, but quite a lot. Best case scenario, no orders (which is what you want), and then you can drop the prices again when you’re back. Worst case scenario, you’ll be making bank! xD

Another thing you can do is set the delivery time for every gig option at 30 days, then you won’t go through an order drought when you get back from vacation.


Thanks for the advice!