Godaddy Domain for $5


I have affiliation with godaddy. I can buy domain for $3. Including my $1 profit I am selling domains here

Also check extras for superb offer. Alsoi can help you to save upto 50% one every sale on godaddy




Domains for $3? What kind of affiliation is this?


If he can sell you a .com, .org. or .net for $3.00 USD, that’s a pretty good deal. Most times I haven’t seen any below $8.00 USD. If it’s only on .info domains, then it’s garbage. I can get those anywhere for $1.99.


Is it a .com? How much will it cost to renew for next year?


@alexgreene @beatcraigslist

.com only… Yes it’s .com Either I can send you coupon code or can buy it for new. it’s which of no use. Still you can get. Just leave a inbox message. And sorry for late reply I was on holidays.


that is a good deal




I would update your gig description on the gig as I will be honest, it is not great :wink: