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Goes offline after placing bid

As I was placing bids on client’s requests I noticed after ever bid my status shows me off line. I hve somehow noticed this, there would be a lot of uers who might not have noticed this and wouldn’t be seen as online and suffering business loss.
Please rectify this bug.


If you check the settings under your profile and it says you are online, then even if your little green “online” light looks gray, you are online.

Ok but this must be corrected.

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Report it to CS. We’re all just buyers and sellers on the forum.

Why, as long as you know you are online, why worry about it?

CS has been taking up to 10 days to respond to users since the pandemic hit. Why clutter their inboxes with something that is not that serious?

I have dealt with this issue for 3 years and know that as long as my setting says I am on line I AM on line. Why waste their time. Besides if the green light appearing gray is still an issue then it is not going to be corrected anytime soon.

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Yes I not trying to clutter support’s inbox. I know what I am talking about and in fact you haven’t understood the issue completely whereas my message was very much clear. Earlier it was showing offline each time but now its not going offline.

It doesn’t matter. This doesn’t influence buyer behaviour.

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I didn’t experience this. I am always online as it is