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Going back to buyers who have not rated you....Good idea or not

I’ve completed about 235 gigs since joining Fiverr, but have not received ratings/feedback from 71…

Opinions needed:

*Is it a good idea to go back and ask the buyer for a rating? Or, just leave it alone and don’t case they don’t give you an “Outstanding.” (My gut says leave it alone; “let sleeping dogs lie.”

*What do you think a good % is of gigs to ratings? I’ve received ratings form 70% of my buyers.


Mark New

70% is good enough. According to me it’s not a good idea.

Buyer Rating is fully dependable on buyer activity. some buyer never place feedback after order complete. this is not a good or bad for seller, if buyer not place feedback.

Most important seller also can’t approach for feedback

Thank you both!

Hi there!

I now contact the buyers who don’t leave any feedback, and it has worked really well for me. Although I’m still new to Fiverr, I honestly thought that having 12 unrated (out of 73) orders is too much and could affect my ranking somehow.

I was a bit hesitant at first, though. I mean, had the customer really loved my delivery, they’d have left some feedback, right?

But after a particularly well delivered gig and no feedback, I decided to take the bull by the horns and just sent the buyer a very short two line follow-up message (this was for a voice-over for a video) that I now use as standard:

“I just wanted to ask, whether you were satisfied with the recording I delivered? I’d love to hear some feedback from you and maybe even see the finished product, if possible!”

The buyer’s response was very positive:

“Hi Charles!! Thanks!! Yes , everything was alright…actually in these days I will ask you another VO for another video”

He appreciated the fact that I reached out to him and gave me the link to the finished video. I thanked him for sharing, and he’s now a valued repeat customer.

I now employ this tactic whenever three, four days pass without feedback. I’m still developing my freelancer career, so I take feedback very seriously and don’t try to shy away from any criticisms I might receive. So my advice - if you’re proud of what you’re delivering, and most of us are - go for it!

Thank you! I like your approach. I am going to try it. I have gotten feedback after following up where the buyer just forgot–I don’t think many realize how important it is to sellers–but it in some cases it may open “a can of worms” and better left alone…I find in general that the no feedback buyers are my $5 basic gig buyers, which is annoying but part of our world. Thanks again.

to leave or not to leave a feedback is up to buyer and i don’t think we - sellers should ask them to leave feedback. I have some buyers, who even don’t know that they can leave feedback for us. After the gig completed, they sent thank you message to tell me that they really love the work i did for them via inbox. When i replied to ask them leaving a feedback, i got no reply but after some days, some weeks or months, they came back to me for the next job.
I think, there are some kinds of buyers that never care about leaving feedback so i also don’t care about that. To make them come back to us for the next job is the most important that we should do.

Good perspective thanks

Always works for me. I have about 75% of orders reviewed (about 50 not reviewed), but most of these are repeat buyers.

I don’t specifically ask for a review, I usually wait twice as long as what it took to deliver (up to a week) before asking them if they received the order okay and if they were happy with the service. One buyer reviewed me 5 days before the 30 day cut off because he simply forgot, and my reminding him prompted him to review.

I’ve never had a buyer put a negative review after being asked. Like charlespots said in his post, if they hated the order, they would leave a negative review or want a refund. Some buyers just don’t want to review but it’s always good to subtly ask.

Reply to @kjblynx:

Thank you. My intuition says leave it alone. I’m encouraged that you feel 70% is awesome…I find that the buyers who don’t leave the feedback are $5 basic gig buyers, so it’s a little annoying, but I get some.

Reply to @marknew: not all buyers will leave feedback that is just the way it goes. It’s like everything in life. Let me ask you this, do you go to Yelp after every meal and rate every single restaurant you have ever eaten in your entire life? Of course not, LOL. As long as you are getting good reviews/star ratings from the people who are leaving reviews, that’s most important and what you want.

What you can do if you want is when you deliver your gig, in the message you send, at the very end after you sign your name in your signature, you can put something like ‘if you were satisfied with my gig, if you can please take a moment to rate it that would be appreciated’ and then never mention it again. But even that can sometimes be a turn off. At least it has been to me some of the time, it depends on how people word it and what kind of gig. If I get a message that says here’s your order and then more wording is for leaving a review it doesn’t really sit well with me.