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Going Beyond the Basic - Expanding into the Unknown

While working on a client project a couple of days ago, I was challenged by much of what I was reading. It was regarding some potentially sweeping changes that were happening and expected to happen in a certain industry and it really got me thinking. There were 2 specific things that I thought might be useful and applicable to any business and for Fiverr sellers. These are things that I have often done but not really thought about them or given them a name. Maybe you will find them useful…

Looking outside your comfort zone

I bet a lot of us spend time looking at the gigs in our niches. Translators look at translation gigs, Logo designers look at logo gigs, but have you ever considered looking at what people do who are not in your niche? You see, niches tend to follow a certain trend or pattern and after a while, it gets to the point where potential innovation and opportunities to improve and stand out in your niche get missed. Today, why not look around at gig categories you have never looked at before. Look at the top sellers in other categories and see what they are doing - try to find something you like and adapt it to use in your own gig description or service.

To further develop this approach, instead of reading about things that are going on in your own industry, check out what is happening elsewhere. For example, I have been inspired by a number of ideas and things happening in the healthcare industry - I have nothing to do with that industry but the way of thinking, the approach to customers etc has made me adjust certain things to a way that is better for me and my clients.

Try out the “Moonshot” approach

The Moonshot approach (video) refers to when US President Kennedy said “We are going to land on the moon” at a time when it seemed impossible but less than 10 years later it happened because “he” went for it. The idea essentially, is to aim for 10 times the result that is expected.

What is a Moonshot goal for a freelancer?
Well, my last one was when I decided my goal was to DOUBLE my Fiverr income at a time when my income was slowly but steadily increasing. I decided this in early April and implemented a number of ideas to try achieve this. This month, I passed my previous best Fiverr income within 2 weeks and have the same amount again in my queue.
I have gone beyond what I thought was UNrealistic!
Because I tried it. Because I worked at it. Because I probably had a bit of luck along the way. Because I tried things I hadn’t done before. Because I implemented good ideas.

My other idea is to start running - properly. At the moment, I dislike walking for more than 30 minutes and I have become unfit whereas I used to be extremely fit. My Moonshot approach to this is to build up to running 12km (the distance to a big town near me) and begin running there twice per week. My first step will be running for a minute, walking for 2 and repeating this for 15 minutes. Very achievable steps that I will build on over time and I want to achieve this Moonshot within 6 weeks.

What’s your Moonshot? What will your first step be?


Interesting you should ask - I get booked very quickly on Fiverr, so much so that I spend at least half my time in vacation mode - so, I have decided to do two things:

  • Create hyper-specific gigs on the areas I am good at - I currently only have seven, and I will probably double that - so I’ll create gigs for things specifically to do with technology / software, finance, currency exchange, business documents, etc.
  • I am going to increase my rates across the board - I will start out increasing by 25% and likely increase prices week to week, to see what that does to demand. A the moment, I am making less on my Fiverr work that my non-Fiverr work (even though I “earn” the same amount after commission) because it takes me quite a while to learn the subjects well enough to write for them (since I am starting from scratch each time).

I’ll see how it works, and tweak accordingly, but if I could work a little less for the same amount, I am definitely in. Ultimately, I’d love to regularly be earning 30c a word pus for writing (especially as I know top-tier writers can demand $1 and up per word…)


Specificity is great - it allows people to find you more easily and once a couple of reviews happen, you become the “go-to” for that service.

I did wonder why you hadnt done this already for exactly that reason of you needing to go on VM all the time.

Self-confidence! Despite my easy-going attitude, I am secretly not yet convinced I am a “good-enough” writer to raise my rates! I suspect that is something I share with many other freelancers.


That’s actually what I love about the Moonshot approach. Getting 10-15% more income seems a safe and reasonable step and so actually “going for it” is not something that needs any major adjustment. Aiming for 100% more income clearly needs work to make it happen. I am not naturally confident either but I can set my mind to things and “get shit done” to borrow a phrase. If I didn’t “Moonshot it”, I would likely have achieved my 10-15% increase and then sat back.
I say just go for it and stick with it. After a couple of months, if it doesn’t have the desired effect, change things up and try something new but always keep the major goal in mind