Going from Small Sales to Large Amount Ones?


How have sellers here gone from offering low amount sales to ones with higher amounts? For example, right now I have about 100+ completed orders with an average price of $15-16. I’d like to increase this price so I’d like to know the strategies others have employed to successfully scale.


You need to figure out who’s your target audience and what do they need.

For example, you’re doing websites for real estate agents. Why don’t you create a separate gig only for them? List all the things they might need, create a few templates and start targeting only real estate agents.
I usually stay away from real estate websites because I don’t have the right toolset for them. A lot of them wish to integrate IDX property search solutions and I simply don’t have enough experience with those.

Another option is to target membership sites. Get a developer license for a decent membership plugin, put together a package deal what they might need and create a gig for it.

The problem you’re having right now is that you’re trying to please everyone. If I do a search “real estate website” then you gig doesn’t show up. Most likely your gigs are showing up for keywords that buyers without budget use.


That’s fantastic advice, thank you; I’ll start on targeted gigs. :slight_smile:


Yes, I appreciate @uxreview. It’s a good idea to create gigs for different niche individually. BTW I heard that editing gig is harmful to the rank, is it true?


When you edit your gig it will be hidden while Fiverr reviews it. However, when it’s visible again it depends on the changes you made how it will effect your ranking.
I know some sellers have said that they lost ranking, but almost every change I’ve made has given me a boost in impressions & views.