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Going head to head with a bad buyer


I absolutely love buyers… (insert sarcasm). And this one is so overly demanding on getting a refund on a project he initially said he liked. The funny part of the story is that he chased me all day to get him to rewrite this material. He wanted more added into the first order, and I told him I don’t do that. He would need to write it and add to it. He changed his mind and said, never mind, he wanted what he first sent to me rewritten, but then canceled the order.

All day, he keeps messaging me that he wants to reorder and have me rewrite it because - in the first order, he liked how I was editing the material. He reorders and I work on the order again, not adding anything to it, as I told him that’s not what I do. Suddenly after delivery, It’s not the way he wants, he wants more added to it (again, I told him I don’t do that), he can’t use it and wants a refund. He’s threatened a negative review. (really do not care anymore at this point. It’s the point of the matter. Oh, and did I mention that in the early messages that he’d write a GLOWING feedback about the matter? LOL. If you didn’t like what I first wrote in the first article, why continue the business?

In fact, he keeps messaging me repeatedly that he’s going to leave an honest review about my response to not refund him. To that, I replied please do and I’ll do the same - something I LOVE doing. Dude, you can barely write a coherent sentence, and I’m a writer who’s got a great play on words. Need I say more!?!

Rant over!


The bad buyer week has stated.

Did you get your signed copy of “canned messages from CS” already or are you still waiting to receive that?

“we take seller’s revenues seriously”
“when sellers don’t make money, even we don’t make money”
“we ask that you work with the buyer to reach an amicable solution”

24 hours later : Refunded

Mission statement : In doers we trust.


Okay, how long before you withdraw this post?


Yeah, more than just bad buyers, I don’t understand the search positions in the writing category…we have TRS with 1000s of reviews in the 2nd, 3rd and even 4th pages, while those with 50 or 60 reviews are in the 1st page. Don’t understand this at all.


TBH my imgur posts are purely short term measures for idiots so that other idiots are detered and/or for the amusement of normal people. I don’t go much ahead of that given that nobody gives a shit anyway.

You could PM me your issue so I can come up with cruel and unusual angles of attack tho. Or at least if what you’re saying is true, coming up with a way to not let the bad buyer win.

Whatever you chose to do, be sure to help it along with PDP mentions and such.

And for Christ’s sake everyone, grow a spine and kick bad buyers in the [!!!]. I always do, unles real life is being a PITA in which case take a refund and go away.

I could ask my “success manager” tomorrow. She’s new and they swapped them around and it took her 3 months to notice I ignored the first one. I am looking forward tot he lazy hidden metric report soon though (it’s late, Fiverr…)

This is admittedly another post so I’ll stop there, but I was not whelmed either way to read a passive aggressive new success manager message. Nor will they be enthused or whelmed either way should I jump into it

Anyway, all you guys, lock horns with the dickheads.


He’s actually sent a revision request not to involve Fiverr cs. I haven’t responded. Hell I’m in bed and will need to wake up in 6 hours. Dont have time for petty games. And too late. Fiverr cs involved. No I haven’t gotten a response back. Im sure I will by morning. Night y’all.


Okay, I had to withdraw the post.

I provided a refund and moved on. No other alternative was offered to me. I decided to move on to other gigs and I have 3 orders in queue now (all of them appear to be new buyer accounts from 2017) and they have used the order page to ask questions about the gigs, instead of submitting the data.

ORDER PAGE : Clock is ticking

ORDER REQUIREMENTS : “Hey, here’s list of things I need for my website, can you do this?” (No mention of website url, no login information. Great stuff.)

I find that I am spending a disproportionate amount of time in bureaucratic hurdles due to so many Fiverr procedures. I wish there was a more streamlined process.

Buyer orders a gig,

let’s head over to the order page to see if the information is complete. It’s incomplete, as expected.

Send a message to buyer and wait for a response,

12 hours have passed, buyer responds

start working on the order

work delivered,

12 hours later “hey, thanks for your work, this is exactly what I wanted, I guess I need a refund”.

Initiate a dispute, take a screenshot, send a message to CS,

CS responds, [enter canned message here],

go back to order page, buyer is determined about refund,

go back to CS,

CS has responded : [canned response ].

No option. Let’s issue a refund.

[ping] “hey thanks for the refund, let’s talk about phase 2 of this project”.

Blood pressure touches the roof. Can’t say anything to him because TOS mentions “be positive, professional, constructive in your responses”.

Come to Forum to vent, notice that all interesting posts are gone, multiple of my posts have been flagged, mek sells have taken over.

[ping] got an email update from Fiverr CSS, 12 hours after order has already been refunded. Open it :

“we take seller’s revenue seriously, we only make money if you make money”.

Comes to Forum, sees pinned thread “In Doers We Trust”

Facepalms and moves on.

110$ refunded, 28 hours wasted, work stolen for free, 18 messages exchanged with buyer, 10 messages exchanged with CS and nothing to show for it. This fellow has been more productive than me this week :


I have this very good friend, @mithunbaiju a web designer like you, very talented and very honest. He too has been frustrated by the same things that you are going through. Don’t see him around the forum any longer.


I had same issue with a buyer from Pakistan I refused to refund and after a lot of exchange of words he reported me to CS and got me banned. Something needs to be done.


Holy! his list of qualifications is massive!

Non-streamlined communication is an occupational hazard. After a few months of being burnt out, every seller eventually adds this to their gig “contact me before placing order” << That’s a classic sign of someone who has given up on the hope that buyers will read the gig description and order properly. :joy:

I’m starting to add that to all my gigs now.

I have a simple, one-line description which says “I will make one popup for one gig” but still people sometimes order gigs and tell me to “make the best logo I’ve ever seen”, despite not having a single logo design gig in my profile!

There was news last month that a 24 year old programmer in Pune died of heart attack while in office. He wasn’t overworked or even have a medical history, the stupidity just got to him. He slid his keyboard across the table, put his head down on the table and just gave up on life.

I’ve seen at least 3 threads on this forum in the last month where people got triggered to the point of existential crisis and just threw their hands up in the air and went “duck this! I can’t handle this, I’m out.”

CS is to freelancers what HR is to office goers. “I see you’re having a problem which is time sensitive and requires my intervention. Let me send you a canned message, and add to your woes. There, much better. Problem solved” - CS/HR


There’s actually a website called ClientsFromHell, where people anonymously mention their experiences. Quite entertaining.

Client: I’m looking for a one-page website.

Me: Okay, your budget is just about enough for that.

Client: Great! I also need three additional pages on it.


After sleeping on my problem of last night, which kept me up longer than I really needed to be, I decided to refund the douche and give him his $12 back. In the refund explanation to him, I said I don’t have time to play petty games, that I had a business to run and that Fiverr CS was already involved in the case. I even wished the butthead good luck. I have a job to do and I don’t have time for crap like that.

:frowning: It was the best thing for me anyway… even if I hated doing it. Of course, most of my buyers don’t turn out like this. I have a multitude of them that are wonderful and repeaters. Love those buyers absolutely. Last week, I even had three of them tip. This week is shaping up to be quite busy.



I found a picture of your buyer, based on your description.

Mod Note: Image removed

It’s a butt, which has a head. I think I might be violating forum rules by disclosing the buyer’s identity.


I so needed that laugh! LOL… Love it.


I really don’t understand the difficulties going on here - perhaps I have not had buyers of the ridiculous level that others here have had.

To any of the commenters above but particularly @emeraldawnn and @silkroute, when you are dealing with these buyers, why not just continually redeliver when they request unfair modifications with your own canned message of something like: "I have delivered the order as per the gig description. Specifically (copy paste the relevant parts of the description/custom offer). I cannot add anything further to this order, however, if you wish to add something to the order simply mark this order complete and place a new order."
If they continue to request modifications then continue to deliver with the same message and without a second thought. It’s like swatting a fly, yeah it’s an irritant but I will swat it every time it comes back. I won’t leave my house and let the fly take over.
I cannot see how CS would not back you up in that kind of situation - if I’m wrong please show me with edited (remove names/profile images/info that could identify the buyer or CS agent) screenshots so I can see the full picture as I am genuinely amazed that this is such a problem.


You wouldn´t make a good zen master, Eoin. :wink:
You know the koan with the guy who cut off his sleeve, when he had to get up, because the cat was sleeping in it? :cat:

But sometimes when reading things I really think I must have been very lucky yet too.


Perhaps this guy can say it better than me…


But the Dalai Lama has also said a lot of ridiculous stuff that I don’t want to go into here.


Unfortunately I have to admit that I have a problem with flies, moths and mosquitos myself there, and I do not typically watch my steps well enough to not accidentally tread on any ant either, there are days though when I think it might just be great to live in a monastery or a buddhist temple but then again I usually am glad I´m not. :confused:

And now I wonder if I should delete my posts, or to blur them or to hide them with an off-topic extension arrow. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would love to be in a place like that, where the problems of the world don’t matter, a world away from TV, politics, elections, stock market crashes, riots, inflation, entertainment, work everything.


Yes, but I´m not sure I could cope with their schedules, I like to stay up late at night.

I don´t watch TV since years though, apart from some soccer games and sometimes a movie streamed from PC with other people, not watching TV is possible in a normal house too :wink:

And now I sneak out of this thread silently to not wake the cats or flies and work.
Ora et labora.