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Going in circles with a buyer

Hello, I am doing logo modification. I am making the modifications that take about 1 hour per pop. And every time I send it off the guy says.
Yeah that looks nice
I think you could change (insert modification)
And change (other modifications)
And after that, he basically says that I have to start over like a new font, new colour, etc. I am going in circles. There are 6 revisions and I know I have to keep going because of the revisions but I keep going in circles. Any help would be great.


I’m sorry you’re in this situation - Not all of your buyers will be like this but it seems like your current buyer is taking liberties with you but because you’ve stated you’d give them 6 revisions they’re going to exactly that.

I would suggest is limiting the number of revisions you offer and then making your buyers / potential buuyers pay for more revisions.

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Thank you for reading my concern. I don’t think I mentioned it but it really didn’t seem like the buyer looked at the work before because of how similar the revisions were. That or I kept making the same mixtakes

That sounds like a great idea because it will make people think more about what they want to get changed.

You are great thanks

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I do not see unlimited revisions on any of your gigs. What makes your buyer think he has a right to have 6 revisions? Or is that what you offered him? It seems that you have started down a never ending “revision path,” which is difficult to extract yourself from as a new seller.

For the next time you may want to have a $5 fee for an X amount of revisions. Personally I do not offer any revisions, but if I feel the error was mine I will provide one or two.


I did a custom offer and gave him 6 revisions none of my gigs have unlimited revisions. Also I haven’t yet got an order that wasn’t a custom deal. If that didn’t make sense no one has ordered through my gig they message me and I get the order that way. All my orders have been like that is there a way to get more straight forward orders through my gig page.

Did he ask for 6? Or did you offer that many to get the sale?

In my experience, buyers do this because they know some sellers will give them a better offer than what is included in their gig package. But as a new seller, you may feel you need to give the buyer a :carrot: to get the sale.

It takes a bit of time. Once you have built up some good reviews, it will happen.

Wow what an amazing response! Yeah, I gave the buyer 6 impressions without them asking for it.

I’m with @vickiespencer on this one. I don’t offer any revisions. If you offer revisions, then people are going to take them. People are like “I’ve paid for revisions so I want my money’s worth”.

With a creative service like yours, I do understand that buyers are likely to want to make some tweaks - but six revisions feels like a few too many. Maybe a maximum of three feels like a better fit.

Not only does offering fewer revisions focus the mind of the buyer more sharply, but it also makes you look more professional.

By your own admission, each revision takes an hour. If your buyer uses all six revisions then, once you’ve added the time spent on the original design, you’ve probably used an entire working day on one order. Does the fee really cover an entire working day?

That’s all handy for the future hopefully. With regards to your current order, I would apply some gentle pressure on your buyer by saying something like “Please be aware that you have now used X of your 6 revisions. We need to start nailing this design.”

There is also nothing wrong with being politely assertive - you are the professional, you should know better than the client. So you could write something like “In my opinion, the original design paired with the background colour of revision 2 and the font used in revision 3 is the most dynamic combination”.

  • Clearly communicate the exact amount of revisions you offer.
  • When your service offers a revision, you must respect the buyer’s request. It is imperative that you clearly communicate the exact amount of revisions you offer.
  • If you set unlimited revisions, it’s your responsibility to revise the Gig until the buyer is satisfied.


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I wonder how you’re gonna get out of this, I wish you good luck, and once you are done, block him instantly or you’ll face the same problem if he decides to re order.

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Sounds like you ended up with the Buyer all of us passed on.

I agree with what’s been said here.

Be VERY, VERY careful in the future with your Custom Orders and revisions.

Your time is worth more than that.


Thanks for all of your input. I’m going to go through it because I have to. I have updated my gigs so that there are fewer revisions. Also, I have added extra revisions as an extra. The most I offer on my gig now is 4 on my premium package(is that too low for premium?(premium cost 15 bucks)).

I don’t know whether he has realized it or he made it onto the forum because I said that he was sorry to bother me like this. Then he asked for a revision.

What is the difference between a revision and another concept. I am wonder because I think I only gave him 1 initial concept. It might have been 2 but I don’t remember. But back to the question, on each revision, I have had to basically take everything off and remake it and put it back on. So if that a revision or another concept. On some of the other revisions, I have just had to change the color. I hope I haven’t broken the ToS by saying that

That’s the thing, sometimes buyer use revisions to change the initial structure of what you were supposed to do, so in requierement i have written this:

About revisions: DONT USE revisions to add extra work, I can change some things and add 1 clip or 2 if needed but you have to think about video structure FIRST.

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Yeah from your gigs I can see that you do video editing. So to make that warning apply for my work I could say.

Warning: Revisions can be used to change the colours and fonts because they are for tweaks. However, make sure you know the layout before and what you want it to look like because they are not concepts