Going late and extras in the order


So I had this order by this very nice buyer but they were slow to respond. Delivery was on time but close. He asks for a change so I send a custom extra with a one day extra time, because I don’t offer revisions. Cue another long pause. Order goes late overnight (I’m totally confused as to how much time you get to deliver a revision. It never seems the same).

So I deliver same thing again the next day explaining I can’t do anything without his accepting the custom extra. 24 hours later he accepts the custom extra, which seems to re-open the order, which was of course late, and is now showing late again. But it doesn’t seem to add the extra day from the time the order is accepted. So it’s still late. I deliver his change quickly but now my stats are screwed and I’m down from 100% just on one late order. How does that work?


Hi there!

It seems as if there are new, strange things happening with analytics:

Well done on your cake BTW - I can see it now!


Ah. I should have checked before ranting. Thanks. I didn’t realise it was a general thing.


[Wed, FEB 8]

:cake: Happy anniversary! I noticed you have a cake next to your username!!


Thanks. For me it was yesterday, (as it’s the 9th in NZ now). Very confusing for everyone concerned!


I had the same thing happen when the buyer accepted the custom extra AFTER delivery.
It opened the order again which showed as late.

Fiverr needs to fix this somehow.