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Going on holiday


Hello. I’m going away for a few weeks and will not be able to take any orders.

Do I just suspend my gigs?

Do I put in the top line, “don’t order until xxx date” or what?

How does it affect my rating (hopefully not at all).

Anybody know the answers to these questions?



It’s best to suspend, so you won’t get any orders.

You can put a notice on your active gig stating your on holiday, but folks can still order, and that could end up being troublesome.

You also can extend your delivery time. I believe the maximum time is now 30 days, but if you’re truly “away” and won’t be answering messages or acknowledging orders, it’s best overall to just suspend.


Do be aware, that if you have any customers who’ve ordered from you before, they can still find your account and message you, even if the gig itself has been suspended. So if you have any way to check e-mail every few days, be on the lookout for that. I’ll often have someone message wondering what’s wrong and why can’t they order from me. Gotta keep the repeats happy!