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Going out of office - Not as bad as it seems

So, I’ve been out of office for 7 days because I needed to finish some big projects and finally catch a break in this heat that made it almost impossible for me to focus on my work (out of 7 days I ended up having 1 day off, yay!)
Today, the out of office period ended and the last time I used it when it was still called “vacation mode”, it affected my ranking negatively, it took me a couple of days to get my first request, no new orders came in for a while.

This time, however, I am back and already received 5 new requests, I’m not sure why, but my ranking also improved. The big projects I delivered aren’t actually accepted yet so this couldn’t have improved my ranking. I’m not sure if the algorithm now decides to “boost” the sellers who just came from their “vacation” or they are being rewarded for being swamped with work, but in any case, going out of business actually had a positive impact on my account.

I thought that was interesting and worth sharing. Anyone experienced this too or went out of business and did indeed not receive any new requests / orders in a while?


Happy to hear this :smiley:
I was actually stuck with lots of revision and I had to take 10 days break and later when I I was ready to return, University announced our Exams date and I had to continue OOO mode for like more 20 days…
I am still in between of that 20 days period and will be back to business on 1st Sep, If they are boosting thats good news :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I never stop taking small orders from regular Buyers so I have always 2-3 orders in queue even I am on vacation…not sure if that would help too ?


I wouldn’t be surprised if taking smaller orders would somehow help it, I hope it does in your case! For me it was only 7 days, I’m not sure how the algorithm likes it if you’re gone for almost a month. I’m also wondering if the reason for why you’re out of office actually affects your ranking, but that’s just a wild theory probably.

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I usually face difficulty in getting order after coming back from vacation and most of time when I don’ have any order to work on when I come back…so I started keep working on small order when Its possible for me hoping this would help :stuck_out_tongue:

Do not take this seriously but maybe algorithm considers that you never come back from vacation and therefore ranks the Gigs down or considers that you come back so fresh and full of energy and boost the ranking to page No. 1.:smile:

And seriously, I have no experience with ranking after ooo but still believe there are many other factors in game. So maybe it is just coincidence and luck. Who knows…