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Going Pro: Best Practices for Becoming a Fiverr Pro Seller (Blog Post)

I know there are lots of people who want to apply to Fiverr Pro, or have applied already. One of the main questions is - “What skills, experience, and expertise do you need to be accepted into Fiverr Pro?”

I recently worked with the Fiverr Pro Customer Success Team to answer those questions and wrote a blog post about it. In the post I describe the main areas that Fiverr are looking for when they are reviewing applications and deciding whether to provide Pro status.

You can find the blog post at the link below, please have a read through and let me know what you think. Please note, I don’t have any specific insight or answers beyond what I shared in the post, but it should give you a great starting point if you’re thinking of applying. Enjoy.

Quick disclaimer: Any of my comments in this thread are my personal opinion - I can’t speak for Fiverr.


Great post, @paulmaplesden! You just validated all my reasoning on why I should never apply for Pro. :smile:


Yeah, the Pro thing is not for me. I am a pro, but not a Pro.


Interesting post Paul but I must admit that some of the content has irritated me - note that I am not trying to shoot the messenger; my comments are for discussion purposes and more focused towards irritation with what Fiverr has decided or based things on, not you for writing them up in a clear and easy to read way!

I do find it a little odd, or it doesnt sit well with me, that Fiverr experience is not seen to be as valuable as off Fiverr experience. This is especially irritating for me personally as I tend to spend quite a bit of time telling clients and others outside of Fiverr that finding clients through Fiverr is just as valid as being an independent freelancer. Does Fiverr not believe in itself or is it being self-deprecating in order to make the Pro label seem “better”?

There are many sellers, not myself, who have been here for years and who’s commitment and dedication to working on Fiverr has made it what it is. If this sentence is the case, then why weren’t those longstanding Fiverr sellers brought in first and foremost and verified.

Pro sellers aren’t any “better” than regular sellers either — Fiverr values all of its sellers, and the only real difference that the Pro service provides is the pre-selection and vetting process, which is designed to save buyers from the effort of validating freelancers for themselves.

If the above is the case then is it really worth paying 10-20(0) times the price to avoid doing a little vetting? To be perfectly honest, I know some of my services are infinitely better than some others on the platform - it is ok to say that. If someone was to say that I am just the same as every other “standard” seller out there, I would find it insulting considering some of the rubbish I have seen here. I don’t think I am the best at any of what I do either by the way but certainly far better than some.

The only reason I would and consider paying Pro rates is for the added extra they give. A writer I know since before she went Pro, I know is totally worth the cost as the value and power of her writing is clear. I would have no hesitation in hiring her again, not because she has been verified, but because she is simply BETTER! One other Pro gig I have looked at is a consultation gig - I am considering buying that because the person offering it has vast experience and a proven track record in what he does that is superior to mine or others I have looked at - BETTER. I have commended a Pro video maker to a client because I can see the level of quality and service provided - out of my own price range and quality requirements - but suitable for this client of mine - BETTER.

At the same time, I have recently switched my graphics person to a level 2 seller who I tried out and realized he is BETTER (for me) than others I have used. I don’t need to look elsewhere because he is excellent with excellent service and I pay probably 80% less I would with a Pro. With a content writer I use regularly, he provides excellent value, service, content and communication - every single time - at a price that is 10% of the cheapest Pro price. BETTER (for me).

In addition to that, it seems that the “outside of Fiverr” preference is derogatory to those exciting, high quality and professional businesses and business owners that I and others have worked with.
Why are their projects not seen to be as valuable for experience or as a portfolio item?

Again Paul, don’t feel these questions/moans are directed at you!


No offence taken :slight_smile:

I do not know anything about the philosophy, approach, or rollout of Pro, so can’t speak to Fiverr’s thinking or strategy for developing it. If I had to guess (and note this is purely my guesswork, not based on anything I have heard from Fiverr) - one of the intents of Pro was to bring in new buyers with bigger budgets.

Alongside that, I imagine Fiverr wanted to bring in freelancers from outside Fiverr to meet those needs, hence approaching independent freelancers, rather than those already on the platform. I don’t know what discussion there was of Pro before the rollout, or how many regular sellers were invited to apply, or were approved.

In terms of the sentence I wrote, there is a lot of (valid) sensitivity around Pro vs. standard vs. the substandard services you describe, and how different types of seller are treated. While it’s true that service quality varies widely, Fiverr does want to treat all sellers equally, even if the quality of their work varies a lot (which will likely be surfaced through bad reviews.)

Do you get a higher quality with Pro regarding standards, flexibility, communications, understanding, research, etc? Well, it is going to be better than some sellers, and on par with others. Unfortunately, I don’t know any way to easily quantify that. Is that “guarantee” of quality something some buyers are willing to pay for? I think so. In other words, Pro isn’t just about vetting, it’s also about the expectation and guarantee of a certain standard, which of course a buyer would still find through hiring you or many of the other good sellers. Or, as you said, BETTER, depending on individual buyer circumstances, needs, and budgets.

I will point my Fiverr contacts towards this thread so they can have a read and perhaps address some of these comments in future posts or communications.


Cheers - I did post a link to my comment here on the blog but it is subject to moderation - Darn Mods; always getting in the way of conversation and free speech… (JOKE Mocking myself here JOKE)


First, I think it’s great you’ve put yourself out there (here) to provide answers to some tough questions. I give you kudos for being able to take a punch, get back up and give a non emotional, professional answer. For that, I want to thank you.

I do have a question, though.

I do find it kind of insulting and quite upsetting that 5r is so interesting in getting new buyers vice working to entice existing buyers. I’ve been buying here for some time where I’ve spent as low as $5 and high as few hundred dollars. Considering the amount of money that many long time buyers have spent here, wouldn’t it be nice if we got some consideration from 5r as well?

I’ve heard it’s more cost effective to keep a long term client than getting new ones.

Frankly, I’m not sure how much to trust 5rs vetting process - as they seem to keep it a secret.

Although my comment may not seem like it, I really do appreciate your time and efforts in writing post to help clarify things for me as a buyer.


Again, I can’t speak for Fiverr, so personal opinion incoming :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s an “Either / Or” thing. Although Fiverr is going after new buyers and a slightly different segment of the marketplace (bigger budgets after guaranteed services) I don’t think that’s at the expense of existing buyers. As I am not an existing buyer myself, I can’t really comment on that, but if you’ve noticed services slipping for existing buyers, I am sure that’s something Fiverr would want to know about.

What sort of consideration do you think would be good for existing buyers? (As a matter of fact, that sounds like a great topic for a thread in and of itself.) are there additional services you believe would be good for enhancing services to you? (I’m not aware of Fiverr’s product roadmap, but I am assuming there will be new functionality coming for everyone, it’s just that Pro has lots of visibility.)

In terms of the vetting process, the post I wrote was an attempt to shed more light on it, by showing what they are looking for. I don’t know the details of exactly how much weight is placed on each area, or how the scoring system works, but I am confident that the post does cover all the key points.

It was based on my own experience, a detailed review of the application process, collaboration with the leader of the Pro CS team, a review from my personal CS person and a final review from Fiverr’s content team and copy writers.

And I have no problem in explaining things from my perspective. As I’ve said before, the main purpose of both forum presence, forum posts and blog posts is to share information and advice to help everyone on Fiverr be more successful.





Hmmm, 2 days later and no sign of my comment being posted. Either paid moderation is horrendously inefficient or my comment was deemed unfit for the blog…
It was literally - I should have commented here but I did on the forum instead [link to my comment above].
Must say that kinda kills the blog for me, I’m never going to reply with a comment like “nice” or “thank you for your verbosity command!” Etc.


I posted a comment too which hasn’t been accepted yet - I suspect they are just behind on their moderation, something which would never happen on the forums :wink:


“nice” :smiley:


Sir any Idea when the applications for programming and tech will be opened.

Apologies, I do not have any insight into this.

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Interesting post Paul. Read your articles and they are all amazing. I have tried applying for the PRO service for more than 10 times, filling all information with details but no result.

However, I need your permission to use your article on LinkedIn.

I have no issues with you using the article, but Fiverr (who own the copyright) may have issues with it. In other words, I cannot give you permission to use the content, since I no longer hold the rights to it. I would suggest contacting customer service who can ask the rights holder.

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Helpfull :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for sharing ! Indeed they are valuable tips !

I agree with this. After many years of proven excellence on fiverr, with experience and client satisfaction that are outstanding, why would fiverr elevate outside sellers above its own sellers who are every bit as good and well known to fiverr?

I know that in some cases there are sellers on fiverr for years who are now pros but have additional references outside of fiverr too such as on linked in. But if our only platform has been fiverr for many years that should be enough.

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Hey great post. It was very helpful.