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Going through a horrible experience


I am loving fiverr but this has made me realize that i cannot rely on the platform

I sell t shirts to t shirt sellers, this one client left me a 5 star and left me good feedback, I have disclaimers that my shirts are not guaranteed to sell

3 months later she is complaining why 2 of her designs hasn’t made her a millionaire, I did my best and give her a bunch of advice, reminded her of the disclaimers to calm her down, a month later she comes back to give me more passive aggressive abuse, it was really stressing me out and I contacted FS to request to block her from my life

I clicked on ‘Report’ and blocked her, I even contacted FS because the block button doesn’t work, and they advised me to block her

Out of the blue, I now just received a violation that I delivered copyrighted work, which is complete conjecture and my profile is on damage control, this is really made me so damn angry, so fiverr is telling me to block people and yet these ‘People’ still have leverage and can destroy my profile a quarter of the year after a 5 star review?

As sellers, we have no say with grumpy clients, they can always get away with anything and we get punished for it, this is unacceptable, please sort it out fiverr



I’m sorry for your situation, but this just made me spit coffee on my desk. LOL


Wow, I’ve been reading a lot of weird sh!t about buyers today. :grimacing:
It must be one of those days. :cup_with_straw:

This is complete and utter nonsense, a millionaire? :joy:

It’s like me asking a Seller to guarantee that I will become the Queen of :uk: England, it’s not gonna happen. Anyway, you should provide screenies of her passive aggressive abuse. This kind of behavior should never be tolerated.

If you feel this is false, then politely & professionally present your case to CS. Yanno, just to prove this claim is inaccurate.


So she wanted some get-rich-quick scheme? Unbelievable! Anyway, I sympathize with your situation. I hope you’ll find a way to bounce back. All the best!


Welcome to the marketplace of the damned. I am on my third day of similar threats from a ‘buyer.’

It is impossible to navigate around instances like this. I have past buyers from as far back as 2016 turn up occasionally and ask that I edit a video I delivered to them yonks ago. Usually on the basis that their business pricing or information has changed.

So far, I have managed to avoid an account warning. I am betting, however, that I am about to get one from one buyer who I too have blocked and reported for sending abusive messages.

If you are worried (and can afford it) maybe go on vacation for 30-days to ride out the warning. I say this as some people with an axe to grind will not give up until they think they have destroyed you.


thanks, guys, its nice to vent and relate to one another

I was exaggerating about a millionaire thing, but I never said my t-shirts will get her sales, maybe she should concentrate on traffic to her website? Wouldn’t that make sense as the business owner?

I messaged FS but I hope they don’t get angry t my tone of frustration

When people ask you such things as ‘How many sales do your designs make?’ - RUN FOR THE HILLS, I am fed up with these wannabe business owners that seem to put all their risk of failure on their supplier and not themselves

The vacation mode is a great idea however, i really think that hurts your ranking so much, worst case scenario i will get demoted to level 1 but not banned



Eddie (Fiverr Customer Support)

Apr 6, 11:36 AM EDT

Greetings Phillip,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Due to Fiverr’s Privacy Policy, we will not be able to disclose the related order or message that was reported for this violation. You have been warned as a result of possible copyright infringement for the work that was done for one of your orders. Unfortunately, the warning will not be removed from the account at this time. Please let us know if you require further assistance and we hope you have a great day. Cheers!

Thank you for the reply

However, you mentioned ‘possible’ copyright? The fact is, do you have proof its copyright? If someone approached you in the street and called you a thief, you will not get arrested without witnesses or proof, does that makes sense? Yet, my profile is punished for complete conjecture, not to mention i have lost my ability to get my seller level upgraded, does that seem fair to you?


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