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Going to another country


I am going to another country so what should i have to do because if i log in from different country then may be its against the fiverr rules and they ban my account so i am worried about that.
Need suggestions.

Well, first you are using a fake profile photo, so your worry should start there. Starting out fake makes me wonder if your originally stated location is true either. If it’s not, you might run into problems with Fiverr new steps to verify users.


Do what @fonthaunt says (this is a general rule of thumb anyway, to be honest).

Also note that I have travelled overseas and carried on with my Fiverr work on a number of occasions without problems. Sometimes I use VPN, sometimes not.


If I knew I was going to another country, I´d probably contact Customer Support and tell them when and for how long or ‘forever’, and keep the reply mail, just to be safe.


Traveling to another country should be the least of your worries, you are using VPN to advertise you are from US, when its clearly shown that you are not.

With the latest development in the process of Phone verification, Fiverr would be shutting down your gigs since you will fail to verify with a local number that matches your actual location.


If i was using fake location then did you think i am mental so that i am posting here about the issue so don’t act like the GOD that you know i am using fake VPN.
I will clear myself at the time of phone verification


I am in Greece. It is 15:47 here now.

You are two time zones ahead of me. America is at least 8 time zones behind me.

I’m not God, I’m just someone who went to look at your messages.

Shall we talk about your graphic design next?


I am going to Germany at the end of the month for two weeks, then directly after to Belgium. I just messaged customer support because I have been all over Europe without a problem, but I heard that it might raise red flags if it changes too much and too often. I don’t know how to use a VPN so I am just connecting to my phones Hotspot normally. You’ve never run into any problems then? Maybe I am stressing for nothing? Haha

Actually, as they have that phone verification now, they could put that to good use in such cases, maybe if they’d find something fishy about your IP as in wanting to protect your account from people using German or Belgian IPS to hack it, they could ask you to verify by phone and good.


There are several ways to tell if you are using a service like Digital Ocean or PureVPN. You may find a temporary workaround but chasing long term success this way may require great effort.

Still using the fake profile pic?

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hahahahahahahaha :joy: killed it

He/she/it changed the profile pic on Fiverr.


I feel that you guys should not give good advice to people who cheat this ‘beautiful’ system we are a part of…

She just changed her profile pic, and now she will be able to go another day unnoticed by fiverr support.

I truly hope we can keep this place clean from any type of fake activity.

It’s alright - come the phone verification he/she isn’t in the US, so won’t be able to verify, and the account will be gone.


a) time zone in questionable area of world
b) graphic design stuff either stolen or done by some app thing
c) overly defensive
d) can’t verify, but swears an oath that this will clear her name (see point c)

One crappy picture isn’t going to change much.


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You are absolutely right Emmaki

Except few sellers, over 90% sellers have copied the designs which belongs to someone else specially in graphic design category.

After reading their bio anyone can easily tell they are not who they are pretending.

Their profile pictures are mostly fakes.

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Googling a bit for relevant keywords with last week filter tells me not all of them will be gone, though. But the ranks will be thinning, I guess.

Back to work, people who can/could verify will soon be swamped with orders perhaps, so better keep on top of it. :wink:


Yeah i know not in america now thats why:slight_smile:

I was in America for a month in 1998, too.

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