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Going to be a level 0 seller tomorrow and it will be a fresh start!


5 years in fiverr with loads of experience, ups and downs and going through the new evaluation system made me jump levels and drop ones too! so i got down from 2 to 1, and then again back to 2 and again 1 and from that tomorrow im afraid ill go to 0 as well.

Im happily taking this as a fresh start and getting ready to climb back to 2 ! whatever my rating or ranking might be, im a passionate of 3D graphics and animation and this is my life. so i do what i love! :smiley:

ready and waiting…


May I ask, are you still using the same account? It seems that your veteran status would leave you with knowledge. Do you have any advice for those who are new to fiverr and having a fresh start as well?


of course. my account has never been altered or adjusted throughout 2013 rather than the 20 gigs and their content.


and yes, fiverr is all about what you love to do. Dont try to do and sell what you dont know or dont do. Be very patience and dont make money a priority. when creativity and honesty kicks in, money will follow you. that would be my advice. although im with fiverr since 2013, im running my own animation studio since 2002 and has 18 years of industry experience.



Thanks for your input, what gigs have brought you the most success?


You did not tried to find out the reason and improve the area you are lacking?
You should learn from your failure and should not repeat same mistake again and again.
I respect your passion for 3D graphics but professionalism is also important to be successful on Fiverr.


3D graphcis and animation - mostly character aniamtion.


yes, i found out that my weakness was honesty. and some random , clueless buyers who order 5$ for something thats worth more than 200$ without prior discussing and then cancels the order telling " oh sorry, i didnt thought that would cost that much!"



Join the club lol! 2k+ 5 star reviews and level 0.


haha itching to join it! 1.5k + 5 star reviews! ;D


Level 0 seller is the new TRS anyways lol


Incredible, in a word!
Don’t be frustrated, wait with patient, hope you will be tuning again ----- >>>


thank you so much! :smiley:


indeed! so @psychicbunny

what are your gigs? what went wrong?


Hmm, I think your account is deleted.


No, there is just an issue with the forum sometimes that an extra “1” gets added to the end of user names


Hmm, that’s a bug. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes its a bug…


Great to know keep it up dont lose hope !
Make sure your come back is stronger than your setbacks ! :slight_smile: :muscle: