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Going to delete fiverr account

I am going to delete my fiverr account and on this 15th i am going to promote level 1 but i have complete 45 orders so may be level 2 but fiverr algo for this account sucks my gigs rank on top page after few hours again on last page this happened with me 3-4 times in a 15 days and i don’t know what’s going on with fiverr when fiverr think about its sellers because without sellers fiverr is nothing


Don’t delete your account, before you delete and create new account,you need permission from support or else the new account will be blocked.

BTW: You don’t need to delete your account because of the way algorithm is working… The algorithm is dynamic and in a mystery nobody can understand… Even you delete and create new, how guruantee you will be for new account to make quick sales? You just need to be patience and keep delivering good services


ohh fiverr really sucks :frowning:


Don’t delete your account.

You have clearly put some time and effort in building your profile, and it would be a shame to throw it all away. I know it’s discouraging when orders don’t come through… I’m in your same situation right now, so I understand the frustration.

But it’s important to stay positive. Perhaps try to promote your gigs outside Fiverr

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Not getting order is not frustration for me but playing with hard work is frustrating i work hard and rank my gigs on top and fiverr algo put them on the last page where inactive sellers are present just inn a single refresh and i faces this every week i have reviews from 2 new buyers as per fiverr i have regular buyers on my gig even i encourage buyer from outside the fiverr to deal via fiverr but what i got nothing

You have your account since February and you are complaining… what should I say then . ? I am a member since 2013… I am a TRS with 25 online courses taken from Fiverr and I don’t have orders at the moment and I have to maintain some standards to remain a TRS… without orders that is complicated to achieve … It happened before , it will happen again… It is what it is , it’s not a reason to quit.


Thanks for motivation and taking course help to grow ?

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So based on your prices and reviews you are making at least $400/month in your first months on fiverr and that’s not good enough? :thinking:
Well, yeah, I don’t know, I guess I lack ambition, because that seems like a good start to me. I would just keep doing what you’re doing. Good luck.


I made much more then 400$ because i am giving best service in my niche but due to fiverr my services is not visible to new buyers only old returning buyer are purchasing my gigs i am at second last page from last few days and this happen with me second time

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Well it says you have 6 orders in queue.
I guess you wouldn’t be deleting your account after all, and you should keep it
even if you might stop getting orders again in a few months.
Bottom line is for any business there is that cycle of dry up periods and floods,
that’s just the way it is :slight_smile:


Dont delete, it will be very hard to get your first sale without any review

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Thanks all for motivating me :slight_smile:

If you are feeling that demotivated that you need to delete your account. Don’t. Pause your gigs and go out of office instead. Stop Fiverr email alerts and get away from the platform. You may never come back but if you did, you have your gigs ready to go again, you have lots of reviews and they will help you start back up again in the future.

I went away from Fiverr for a few years, still had my old account to come back to and all my reviews helped me to get back into it much quicker than if I had create an account from scratch.