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Going to frustrate



Nowadays, I am finding lot of pain. Buyers are telling small work in the inbox and after ordering the gig telling more than that. Well fine, after doing that they are giving much work what we are not talking about.

This is really painful. Few people are thinking that Seller’s are not Human, they are just a machine and come here to do all work in $5.

Please keep the honesty. Describe your project perfectly and fix the quote only for what you are telling to the seller. Don’t tell extra work with that fixed gig. If you tell extra work, you should pay extra. Otherwise, this is really your dishonesty.

If I am wrong, please mark your fingure on the incorrect point.



Raise your quality, raise your prices. If quality is high already, raise prices. It looks like you have a lot of experience already. Don’t let people give you more work than agreed upon without paying the extra cost. If you do the extra work without compensation, your energy will be drained, believe me. You have to make sure you are getting paid fairly. It’s up to you!


Well said @glitchfool. Your price reflects your quality (most times). Most buyers on fiverr are out to get the best work by paying next to nothing. While there are a lot of people who would feel the need to settle, if your quality is high already, you shouldn’t settle for less. Charge them your worth, and then some


Yes indeed when I started on Fiverr (years back) I was giving much more than what I was earning. I worked hard by over-delivering however because of that I have re-orders and great reviews.

Note that you can upsell your order through adding extra’s:

Use it to your advantage!
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That’s awful. I don’t doubt there are some nasty people who don’t care about anyone but themselves. Hopefully, you’ve had more great clients than the bad ones.

I know the bad ones will bring you down, but I know there is a great buyer just right around the corner!


Gina :heart: you are always so positive and encouraging. Thank you for being part of Fiverr.
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Thanks for your comment.

But my view was different. I don’t take order without fixing quote or without discussing on inbox.

And here if you give extra work on gig page after discussing on inbox. How do you feel on it?

Okay i am doing that extra work but after giving delivery the gig, if the buyer will give modification with extra work for without payment. And if i tell to order extra, he might be force me to cancel or negative review. Is that honesty?

I am just telling this type of problems :frowning: This is really dishonesty and not good for us.

Hope you understand



Did you get me view what i was trying to focus?


@gina_riley2 yes, i have good client but i am tried to mention that few buyers doing this. They are really doing bad thing on fiverr. I work for review than dollar or money. But it’s not meant that anyone can give me extra work than discussed.


I think you’re doing the right thing by initially working for reviews.

You are right, no one has the right to take advantage of you or deceive you. For some people, the more you give, the more they want. It’s wrong.

It’s good to vent sometimes. I will pray that your next client will appreciate you and treat you with the respect that you deserve.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


What do you mean?

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@thecreativeguys I meant that did you view what i was trying to say?

I am already a good seller and i know the extra feature. My point is after ordering the gig few buyer’s are telling extra work what we didn’t talk or didn’t fix any quote. But when you will tell them for extra, they are doing misbehave, trying to force for cancelling the order, giving the threat to give bad reviews. And i am trying to say that this is dishonesty, Those people are making fiverr in a hell. Fiverr is awesome market place than other in my eyes. So they can’t do like this. Being honesty can make anyone’s project more bigger. Doing dishonesty can crush it anytime.


Scope creep. Use it to your advantage. Don’t underestimate what your worth. Feel free to turn down a client if they treat you like that.

You’ll have to differentiate between common ground and asking for too much :wink:

:bulb: Joe