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Going to lose the Level One seller badge because of one buyer

Within 60 days I’ve had 8 orders, 6 of them are completed 5* star rating order, one was cancelled because one buyer didn’t read my TOS and provided footage neither me nor my software couldn’t work with.

Because of that cancellation I went from 100% to 83% of order completion and that was after finishing other 6 orders.
Then I finished one more order and went from 83% to… 86%?!

I work hard on my Fiverr profile and get a 17% drop from just one cancelled order while the rest is fine?!
Today on November 15 00:00 GMT I’ll lose my Level One seller badge and I can’t even get my percentage back up even if I finish one more order today!
Why did I get a 17% drop, but only a 3% raise?!