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Going way out of my comfort zone

Lately, there has been a lot of hassle about algorithm changes, and one of the tips was to diversify the gigs. I love photography, that’s my hobby, so I diversified the gigs :).

So… here it is… Do you think it’s a fair offer? Do you think it has a chance to succeed? Thanks!

I’m curious to see how your gig goes, I’ll tell you why.
6 months ago I created a new gig which was the same idea as yours (not flowers, but something else). I got a good review, then edited the photo in my portfolio. A few minutes after the edit, the gig was denied with a auto generated message (“gig doesn’t meet our editorial . . . " I don’t remember the wording, but anyone’s who has had a gig denied
knows that message).
I see your gig is in the greeting card category–mine was in 'your message on.”
There always have been and always will be these kinds of gigs, so deleting mine is one of the many reasons Fiv is just not a reliable place to work.

Your gig looks great–I wish you luck with it.
Hope you let me know how it goes (in terms of what fiv decides to do with it).
Hugs, May

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Thanks! I will give a feedback how it goes. If it moves from a zero ground :).
I don’t know, there so many rules, it’s impossible not to break some of those. I just try to rely on my working ethics and hope it’s enough (although I already had a couple collisions with the Big Brother :)).

Regarding what I wrote, it’s not a matter of how successful your gig is, nor is it a matter of your work ethics.
My gig got denied for this reason:
j-u-s-t b-e-c-a-u-s-e.

Absolutely no violation of TOS, in a category that already exists (!!), alongside many other gigs offering the same thing (each with a different style of course).
My gig was starting to be successful with orders and positive reviews. My work ethic is great.
I don’t know why this company acts irrationally. Very frustrating if I stop to think about it, so there. I’m done thinking about it.

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