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Hello Friends!

Today I am going to tell you few GOLDEN TIPS about buyer requests. I will explain A to Z since there are new comers here.

Many people visit fiverr everyday for finding freelancers for their works. But everybody doesn’t find the people they need. Or they think posting a job is much easier than explaining it for everyone they meet on fiverr. Also they believe they can find the perfect one for their job since the job is open to thousands of sellers.

Over thousand jobs are posted on fiverr all around the world. But all of them won’t come to your buyer request page. It can be just 100, 200 or sometimes below 50. This happens because fiverr filter these jobs according to the category as well as keywords they have used. So, you will see most relevant jobs to you category.

Let’s say you have a Logo designing gig. So, if someone posted a job requesting a logo, you have a good chance of getting it on your buyer request page.

TIP: Logo Designing is one of the most competitive category in fiverr. Also lots of jobs posting for logo daily. So, if you are a new seller and you don’t have 100% confident in logo designing, I strongly suggest not to create a logo designing gig until you feel comfortable on fiverr. If you use this Logo designing keyword for your gigs your buyer request page will be filled with many logo designing request so the chance for other gigs will be reduced a bit. So If you are a new seller create unique gigs as much as you can. Once you come to good position you can create whatever you like. (Please note that this is my experience, Please vote for this tip here. If you think this is not correct please comment below this post)

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Anyway, It does’t matter the number of buyer requests available in your buyer request page, You can apply for just 10 jobs per day. So, be smart when choosing your jobs.

How to choose the best 10?

First, Read them carefully. If you don’t understand what they really need, it’s better not to apply for those jobs. Though you got the order it has a risk of getting bad review for your gig.

Second, Think about the time frame they need it. If you can’t complete that job in given time frame don’t apply for those jobs. because it can give yous the same result mentioned above.

Third, Think about the price they wish to pay for the job. If it’s not fair or you can’t do such work for the given price leave them alone.

Fourth, Think about the completion, If the job has 40 to 50 offers already, it’s better to leave them alone. because you have a little chance of getting such orders even someone has been already hired by the person posted the job. So don’t loose your limited offer on such request if you have enough jobs on your buyer request page.

So, you can apply for the better understating jobs with fair price and good time frame.

How to Reply for Buyer Request?

This is the most important part of this post. Once you selected a job to apply, read it carefully and take a good idea of what he/she really need. Then you can use your best English (you already know my English is not so good ha haa haa :joy::joy::joy:) and explain why you should be given this job over others.

Don’t write your offer in one or two sentence. Just write it like it’s the only offer you write in this century :grinning: :grinning:. So it will force your buyer to read your request.

Also you can make few words ALL CAP in your request. Let’s say you offer unlimited revisions, 24 hrs delivery, commercial use, Free source file etc. you can make them highlights.

Also, If you found out buyer has used unique word in his/her job post, don’t forget to put them somewhere in your offer. So, the person who posted this job know you have read it carefully. So you will have a big chance of getting the order. Let’s say buyer has used words like “Print ready”, For Online Publishing" you can use those terms in your offer too.

If you offer for 10 buyer request daily for 10 days the way I explained you will definitely get couple of orders. I am 100% sure about it. But don’t forget that your gigs should be very professional because no one needs to buy from someone who can’t make their own gigs beautiful.

If you don’t know how to create a PERFECT GIG please read this post. It also will help you to get more and more orders.

Good Luck!
Riyana :heart_eyes:


Thank you for sharing your experience.


You welcome :slight_smile:


Thank you for this invaluable tips Riyana

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Well Said Riyana :slight_smile:

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Good points, nice post, useful for begginers :slight_smile:

But about this part:

Sometimes it could be boring for customer to read all that, so seller should find some thing in the middle - not too long and not too short offer text.


Yep! that’s true. but just imagine that you post a job to find a seller for something important you. Then you get around 50 offers. and few of them are bit longer than others. will you skip them? I just need to say is “write your offer professionally but don’t beg for the job”. Anyway thank you so much for your suggestion. :kissing_heart:


You got the point there! :slight_smile: Bit longer = ok.


Yep! :grin::grin::grin:


Not necessarily, some time buyer is not sure about pricing so he/she choose minimum he/she can. I try to convince my price. If he/she find it fair and like my offer he orders me. I’ve got some order this way too.

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That’s true! after reading the description you can guess he/she has put the minimum price or real price. It comes with experience. Honestly I didn’t want to complicate the post by explaining each and every point since I was explaining how to choose best 10. Anyway I believe this point should be there. Thank you so much for your comment. I agree with you :kissing_heart:


Really helpful… saying wow


Thanks for sharing :wink:


Thank you for sharing. Sometimes I wonder if a good number of ‘active’ gigs has already been filled but not closed. It’s frustrating because you end up wasting one of your ten offers. Does Fiverr have a timeframe in mind before removing it? Or is it totally up to the buyer?

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I slightly disagree with this part. A lot of these are probably beginners saying “I will do this for just $5” but if you fill out your own response well and describe what you’ll do and how it will help them, there’s still a chance for your own gig to be chosen. But as you said before, don’t make it too long or it might be skipped over, just long enough to ensure that you make your gig sound as professional as possible.


Yes I agree with you but in this post I targeted new sellers since they don’t know much about buyers request. Many new sellers don’t have high quality gigs. That’s why I asked them to skip those offers if they have enough jobs to bid. I was explaining how to choose best 10 out of many jobs. Anyway it’s a good point. Thank you so much :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Oh, I see now. Sorry, I just wanted to make sure that they understood it would be best to explain in depth.


Yes! Thank you so much friend


Thanks for the help… :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips.