Golden Tips for every Seller [ARCHIVED]


Hi everyone

I would like to share some keys tips which i gain after working more than 2.5 years on fiverr.
Hope these tips will help you to get sales and attract potential buyers.


No 1 : Increase you Availability at Fiverr

Now i am working as full time on Fiverr from last 8 months and giving my maximum time to Fiverr which helps me to stay online. Its very important you should stay online, if you are really looking for potential buyers. Because mostly clients comes and check who is online at this time ? Its same like when you are hungry and you want to search which restaurants are open at 4AM let suppose so if you are online and having good profile you may get a message from a potential buyer who is really looking for a person for his desire project same way hungry person looking for restaurant at 4Am. Stay online as possible as you can. Give prompt reply to buyer message because Fiverr is now having 4 milllion+ gigs. Huge competition is present in every category of the fiverr so you have to put something extra in your work to stand out from others.

No 2: Update your buyer during order time

Always try your 300% best and put your every effort to make your work extra ordinary.Give updates during each phase of the project to your buyer because as per my observation and experience buyer start exciting and expecting a good quality work right after placing the order so if you not update your buyer you may not get desire review at the end of the work due to lack of communication.

No 3: Good Communication Skills - Key to Fiverr Success

Communication is key. If you are good in communication and have great understanding level
then you will satisfy you client by your great work without any problem but if you are poor in communication and don’t provide frequent updates then you can’t get desire result .

No 4: Give Bonus or one of your extra to your Buyers

Buyers also like bonuses, so i always want my buyers to get more than what they expect to get .You can give one of your Extra’s for your client for free to stand out from others.


No 5 : Be honest with your self and with your buyers.

Be honest with yourself and with your buyer. If you think you can’t do this job or this project is not fit for you then you must honest with the buyer because if you are not sure about your skill sets then you will not be able to deliver what the buyers want and also waste your time and your buyer time so, time is money . Try to set your scope what you can do and what you can’t it will help you to do quality work rather than crap.

No 6: Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Be polite and provide great Customer Support to your buyer even the buyer returns back because if you know you can do or fix this problem in minute or you can guide your buyer about problem then you must do if you want to give your buyer a top quality service and in this way you can convert your normal buyers into clients.

I hope these tips will helps you a lot and other fellow sellers. This is the recipe of my success at fiverr which i am sharing with your people.

PS: sorry for my English :slight_smile: .

How do I attract traffic onto my gig? Any useful tips?

Very useful tips…no. 2 is the most important one for me …always update your buyer during order time …good luck


Yeah thank you so much


Nice post. No. 3 is my favorite but I hardly go for number 4. Will you please tell me why number 4 is so favorite among sellers?


Really Helpful Articles for Every Fiverr Seller. Thanks :slight_smile:


why is it so many of these duplicated threads have same info , we want to know something new not same stuff again and again.


I am website developer i do projects in between 100$ to 500$ so you know that big projects mean big tensions so bonus always helps me to make my buyer more happy . In small jobs you can add any small extra in order to make your client more happy. I know its hard but if you shine like a sun then first you have to burn like a sun :slight_smile:


You always welcome . My pleasure :slight_smile:


Because 80 percent sellers are not trying these methods even they not bother to do experiments with their gigs and use tricks that are mention in the articles . There is nothing new one thing is obvious is hard work . Do hard work thats the best tip . No tip can be best from this tip. There is no hidden tips or some tricks to increase sale . These are the tips which mostly people deny to follow then claims that we don’t get a single order in whole month. Hope that you get your answer :slight_smile:


Same with me. My projects range between $100 to $400, but probably I am the one who is so much against extra. May be there is no scope of extra work in my niche (limited words), I just try to focus on giving buyers the highest quality. Albeit hating extra work, I sometimes write 200 words extra or some additional headings if I feel it is required. For that, I need to take buyer’s permission like 'do you mind if I write one additional heading? :).

I like the last line ’ if you shine like a sun then first you have to burn like a sun’.


I have a query. You have mentioned that your order value is 35$ per order. Now you say it is 100 to 500 dollars, do you break your orders in 3 to 15 custom offers. This is my dilemma as well. I do not know what to do? Too many reviews from one customer freaks me out though I have repeat customers. I have actually broken those orders in my pre- level two phase but now I do not know.


Thanks for these useful tips! Just started on Fiverr and I am yet to get my first sale! I hope this knowledge can push me further


This is wrong approach according to my observation .I knows that people do not update your buyers about the work during the order running . You can communicate the buyer on every milestone or or at any module u do for the buyer so that he or she can let you know u are doing great or not doing good . from that point u can also judge your buyer how your buyer will be behave in the result time


Okay if you are new .

Let me share a simple tip for you .

If u want your first sale then send all buyer request . Guaranteed first buyer will comes through buyer request .
share your gig on social media .
Plus any of your relative is a buyer at fiverr then request her to order your gig in Genuine way then deliver that order with your best work . in this way you will get your first feedback … Hope that help you …


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Thank you for answering my query.
I did not mean that giving extra means lowering the quality. I just meant that there is no option for offering extra in my niche. Buyers order limited words, I have to follow word limits very strictly otherwise they will be penalized. The only option that I have is to increase the quality.


Okay now i understand . You are saying absolutely right . Actually, i never even bother to check all the categories of fiverr till know. . So best of luck . Keep doing the great work .






Great tips. Thanks!