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Golden TIPS to convert your customer into repeated Buyer

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Dakota Fanning :joy:

Wasn’t she in Neighbors and then dated that guy from Westlife? And everyone hated her for a bit because Westlife guy was a bit of a bastard and left Kerry Katona (his ex-wife) for her? Kerry Katona being a brand ambassador for Iceland (frozen food store, not country), ex… some shite band I can’t remember. I’m sure all of this means absolutely nothing to most people outside the UK!

Why do I even know this? My brain is full of useless crap!

You were so excited that I thought it was the 50 shades of grey actress…just Googled to find out it is a different Dakota. One nobody knows about.

I can’t read the golden tips but I can see the golden hair.

Thanks you very much.

He only comes to the forum to say thanks or nice post or things like that. Not sure why, but I imagine he thinks it’s great self-promotion.

Before on he used to write “…thanks…” in every post blindly. At least now he is writing unique lines blindly. Great improvement. LoL.