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Gone from research then back again then gone again

This is starting to be silly . I have been lost in research almost 3 months ago , impressions was going straight down so fast , clicks too , I was on 15-20 page in category all the time without moving , even I made over 100 jobs in 2 months with all 5 stars ratings and reviews .

2 days ago I was on first page suddenly , and I was on old place in first 2 rows in all categories for my business . It was like an old days . My gig is over 600 reviews and 5 star with 100% stats and ratings . All is in best possible way .

Then last night I am again gone to last pages in research . What is happening ? Anyone having that problem too ? It seems like analytics are broken for long time now . And do someone knows hot this Analytics works ? like we really have to deliver all in first 12h of delivery time so analytics say "hey he is active and top seller " or what ? someone ? #Your-Fiverr-Experience support #Fiverr-Tips #learn-from-fiverr #Fiverr-Site


It’s happening with me now. from last 10 days my gig despair from first page. I don’t know where is my gig now :unamused: It will appear after some days :unamused:

The only thing I found like “Working” solution to get back as soon as possible is to complete next orders right away (in first 15h of order) few jobs like that you will be back but keeping tempo every day .

I don’t know am I right but that seems to me like only working solution because 2 days ago I made some job in first 8h of contract from 24h delivery time I had and moment when it was approved after delivery I was back on 1st page once again .
And because it passes around 24h from last delivery they throwed me again back , I am working now on few orders that are made last night I will see will analytic see me again as top seller and pull me back on first page . Let us see