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Gonna be demoted:(

Hello, I’m level 1 seller now. But I got only one order in 2020. All my gigs are removed from the search results. I’m still updating my gig with keywords and titles. But no use of that. I’m gonna be demoted as a new seller from today. This is really frustrating. I’m sending buyer requests every day but I need organic clients who were clicking from search results.
Are there any suggestions from you, guys?

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Wait, all your metrics are in the green.

Why are you getting demoted?

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You will not lose your level. As long as everything is green and nothing is red. You will only be graded if you are somewhere in the red area.

You will not be demoted neither will you be promoted to level 2 because you didn’t meet the requirements of level 2 badge, the ones you have on the right-hand side.

I got only one order in 2020. I got a notification that today i’ll be demoted due to no ratings for the past 60 days.
Please check my profile and let me know your suggestions for getting orders.

I never noticed a huge difference in the number of orders I received between New Seller, Level 1 and Level 2. I think people typically look at your positive ratings more than they do at your level, unless they’re using the Seller Level filter when searching. I wouldn’t sweat it too much, just keep up the good work until more orders start coming in.


Real thanks for you suggestion