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Good afternoon, I need feedback please

Hello, I’m new to Fiverr, in a way. I registered a long time ago, posted a few gigs that required hands-on follow-up, but then life got in the way and I left for some time. I just returned and posted a new gig. I’m ready to rock, and have more gigs in the works. I would appreciate your feedback, tips etc when you have time. Thanks so much, I hope you’re enjoying your day!

my regards…:slight_smile:

I checked out your page. These are really products, not services – an ebook and a simple crochet pattern – so I think they need to be evaluated as products, and frankly $5 is kind of a lot for either of those things. Sure, an ebook may cost if it’s by Stephen King, but ebooks from regular people about their own journeys are usually either free or 99 cents. Afghan patterns aren’t hard to find, but I suppose I might pay $5 if I really really liked that pattern.

I’m not saying there’s anything “wrong” with either of them, just that I’m not sure they’ll catch fire even if they’re fantastic. I rather hope I’m wrong about that, though, since I can think of some helpful files to distribute that way. :slight_smile:

What other gigs are you planning?

Hey kerrylynette,

I took a look at both your gigs. Here are some notes.

For the pdf one: I would strongly suggest changing your title to something like I will send you my Panic Attack e-book. It’s very odd to give someone a pdf and I (as the buyer) don’t even know if you’re a good writer. You want the buyer to want to read this and to feel confident enough in your abilities to buy it for 5 dollars. 1) You need a better picture. If you’re selling an e-book you need to show a great cover to get people excited. 2) Has it been reviewed? Share a few reviews. 3) You need to show a sample of your ebook. Readers like to preview someone before they buy it. 4) Your gig profile needs to include why people should read this book. What will it help them do? Figure that out and put those points in a bullet list.

For the crochet: I would strongly suggest changing your gig title to I will teach you step by step to crochet. Like thetruemelissa pointed out, you’ve limited your buyers to only people who want to make that pattern. You seem like you have the skills to teach someone to crochet, so you should go with that instead to reach a broader audience.