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Good and bad times


I started my career on Fiverr in April 2020 and recently I’ve completed 50 orders. I got almost 2 or 3 orders in April and in start of May, my sales suddenly went up as my gig was ranked on first or second page. I started getting a lot of orders and the month of May really went well. However I had a cancellation at May end and suddenly I wasn’t getting any orders (keeping in mind I used to get 5-6 messages daily and conversion was around 70%). After the cancellation I didn’t get a single order from a new buyer, I tried adding video to my gig and edited gig description but no success as my gig still wasn’t just showing in the search. It has been around 15 days and I’m facing the same problem. I tried contacting CS but till now there’s no response from them.

If any of you could help me in getting my gig searchable again that’d be great. Here is the link to my gig:

Thank you.