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Good-Bad day: Excitement turned sour

I received Level 1 badge yesterday and was pretty excited, little did i know there was going to be a twist to my excitement later that same day.

My ratings dropped to 4.9 because a buyer bought a gig and had me type out a scanned PDF onto MS Word and gave a 4 star rating on the end.

The buyer clearly stated that I didn’t have to format the document, just type it so that they can edit it at freewill, I did just that and even more… I formatted the document to reflect the original scanned copy (could have done more, but since the buyer asked me to just type, I felt the extra I did was enough).

Buyer marked the order as completed, dropped a nice review but 4 star ratings.

I tried to find out if I had defaulted in my delivery and buyer responded that I would have earned a 5 star if I had fully formatted the Word document, when clearly they told me to type and not bother about formatting.

I thought of opening a dispute, but I had read here (in the experience of another seller) that Fiverr bots could see that as me soliciting for good reviews.

Well, I accepted my fate and thanked the buyer for purchasing my gig :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

I’m yet to rate my experience with the buyer because, I don’t even know what to say.

Take the 4 stars good review and move on, you already asked why for the 4 stars rating and the buyer told you why 4 instead of 5 so i think will be hard and a little bit pushy to ask again for the 5 stars.
Best option is forget about it and move on and work for more 5 stars!


Thanks. I never tried to convince or push for more, I just asked the seller to know if I had gone wrong in any way.

I’ve accepted my fate already, just unsure what rating to give the seller.

Some buyers give ratings like critiques, even when you go the extra mile. So if the buyer gave a reason for a 4 star rating accept it and move on. You could give back same rating.

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Thanks for your input. I’ll consider that.

Don’t rate it yet, wait a few days, until you’re completely over it.

And congrats to your new badge!


Thanks a lot. I’m over it now. :slight_smile:

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I’ll quote a buyer:
“5 is exceptional for me. 4 is very good. and good is 3”

I did a lot more work than offered in the gig just to earn his satisfaction.
In the end he left me 3.3

When I asked what I did wrong, he said that. :expressionless:

Now tell that to fiverr


I don’t know what to call such a behaviour. They know that a lot of our work here depends on these reviews. I can only imagine how hurt you must have felt to read such a response after putting in your best and even more.

Well, I guess that’s our fate here.

Keep doing what you know how to do best, there so many good buyers out there also, hopefully fate would bring more of the good buyers our way.

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Happened to me as well a while ago. Buyer completed order with 4 star and also given me a good tip. :smiley: :smiley:

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I guess it was just my turn then. Well, I’ve moved past it :slight_smile: