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Good & Bad Search Positions - simply thoughts without moaning


It’s not moaning, simply thoughts about ranking. There are always many happy & unhappy people like everywhere else. С’est la vie.

Let’s speak honestly. Most people are here for internal traffic. Fiverr is very famous platform and any sending to promotions sounds funny - like swearing - go to Hell - or f**k off.


  1. Visible Gigerrs are happy because they are visible. (to be visible in the system is much more important than to have many good reviews)

  2. Invisible Gigerrs are unhappy because they are invisible. (they can endlessly improve, change, reedit their gigs - simply gigs are invisible in the system)

Who often send people to promotion? LocalSelfPromotionGigerrs mostly. I can’t find any good link to their own gigs outside - only dead empty FB pages etc.

Sorry, it’s only my own opinion and I do mistakes so often.
When I say invisible I mean low search positions - they don’t deppend on how good is Gig. As we see the system keeps sinking many good Gigs with perfect history.


twice :slight_smile:

PS. What I think is perfect - randomly change all gigs ratio (it’s not gig’s reputation - it’s internal tech parameter) every day - maybe hourly. It will be FAIR!!!

Again IMHO


Do you have someone on the inside at Fiverr? :smiley: How do you know about their internal tech parameters? Or maybe it’s just a presumption? :wink:

Why twice? :smiley: And why thrice?

Well, I’m here to relax, have fun and help where I can. But mostly to relax myself and have fun, as I really enjoy the people in the Forum. I don’t have a social life any longer, so this is my only social life for now.


One for the money, two for the show… 3 to get ready…

…and 4 to go! :joy:

Cya! :grin:


Haven’t we discussed this already with you? Visibility vs Reviews



Doesn’t matter how many - I like number 2 & 22 (but it doesn’t matter 2)



You still haven’t told us. Do you have someone on the inside at Fiverr? :smiley: How do you know about their internal tech parameters? Or maybe it’s just a presumption? :wink:


Thanks a bunch, for your hunch!


Especially for people like you I wrote 3 times IMHO



What do you mean by that? :confused:

Anyway, to me an “IMHO”/opinion has nothing to do with mentioning an internal parameter. Your opinion was that of changing an internal parameter, which in turn sounded like a presumption.

If you would have said “Fiverr should add a ratio and use it as an internal parameter IMHO” instead of a definitive “it’s internal parameter”, that would be an entirely different story, to me at least.

The way you said it was like you knew something we don’t :smiley: :spy: Which is why I asked in the first place.


Oh my God! I wrote 3 times IMHO - it means that I CAN BE WRONG! I’m not sure that I’m right.
It’s only my opinion. So on, so on, so on.



Aw guys come on, no need to get personal with this. All good, everyone can have their own opinion.

Sometimes ones intuition is accurate, especially if one is in a certain field, other times it may fail.

Peace :+1:


This is why I keep adding IMHO




IMHO now I know why! :slight_smile: :wink:


Fair for who?
For buyers who unknowingly order from new and unproven sellers ahead of those who have built up a business and reputation over years of hard work? These unproven sellers already get boosted when they start to give them a chance to prove themselves. I hope they come up with a system that rewards hard work, good performance, higher revenues etc over those who just sit and look at the screen waiting for someone to throw money at them. Those sellers who do this are absolutely no asset to the platform.

This is the world of business, not everyone can succeed. It’s not easy yet we see people share success stories every other day, even those who have only started recently. Those who rely solely on Fiverr to give them orders put themselves at its mercy and must accept the consequences of their own inaction instead of complaining about not getting things handed to them.


People have own opinions - no less no more. Simply different ones. It’s normal. hahaha…




Of course, everyone can have their own opinions but saying IMHO 2, 3, 4 or every time doesn’t negate the need for you to explain your reasoning or mean others cannot query your statements.
That is the whole point of a forum after all.


1 IMHO doesn’t work
3 IMHO as I see also don’t work



95% of what is said on forums is opinion, it would be easier for you to point out when you are being factual or basing your statement on something concrete. Perhaps you could say “The following statement is based on the clear evidence there is to support it which you can find by clicking this link” when applicable.

For example:
TFSIBOTCETITSIWYCFBCTL: I believe you enjoy stirring up debate but deflect and duck any questioning of your statements.

For everything else we will assume it is your opinion only.


Makes sense to memorise this applying random lower case lettering, adding a few numbers and special characters and using it as a password, if already memorising it, then I’ll get 2-in-1.

Yury, what did happen to your experiment, didn´t you want to test your idea that always making new gigs every couple of months, or whenever that mysterious gig ratio decides to sink a gig, is the answer? How is the new gig doing, shouldn´t it be visible according to your theory? Me, I´m still getting most orders on my old gig, in spite of having launched a shiny new one for testing diverse theories of diverse posters here after the algorithm changes.


IMHO Scotland has the best football team in the world! Doesn’t make it true though! :slight_smile: