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Good Blogs for SELLERS

Hey hey

I have a question. Does anyone read or participate in a good blog for fiverr sellers and/or other freelancers?

I am always looking for new thigns to read, I travel a LOT and I get bored so easily!



Hey Guy,

Have you gone through the entire official Fiverr Blog? There’re so many invaluable articles and so much information there to last for quite a while :wink:


Of course, I was just wondering if there was anything else people were into reading.

No time for reading, too busy doing! :grinning:


There’s a new Fiverr blog post about 20% old topic, but check it out!! :pineapple:


Seriously though… is there nothing outside of fiverr?

There might be plenty if you do a quick google search on freelancing blogs :wink:

Probably the majority of people on the forum are newbie sellers who don’t have time for reading blogs and instead are eager to make their first sales (or can’t make their first sale), probably followed by busy sellers who occasionally help out others in here and don’t have time to read other blogs except Fiverr’s :slight_smile:

If you get bored easily and you don’t like the other blogs you find on Google, there are also a lot of great books to find on freelancing, and on anything related to the selling side.


That and there are limitations on what can be mentioned in regards to potential sites for reading blogs.


It varies as I’m not always looking for reading material when I’m engaged in projects. I do however read articles from some sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Wired, SkillShare on occasion [they have blog too], I used to read Upwork’s blog but stopped after coming across several too many that didn’t address the audience’s inquiries and then there are random blogs I encounter from fellow freelancers sharing their experiences along with tips for better work habits.

Ha. I am happy to ignore any limitation on what can be said. Surely the average fiverr seller isnt exactly that type of person who follows rules!

anyway… I think there must be scope for some type of unofficial-fiverr seller blog

I actually own the best ever Fiverr blog themed domain names. I just haven’t dared do anything with them yet due to the fact that if I do, it could upset my Fiverr business. Also, to be fair, I’ve never found anything on a blog which has helped any of my freelancing efforts. All the best tips and ideas I have got from people here on the forum or from freelance market statistics and reports which I get free from other freelance sites.


I’ve seen blogs with people talking about which psychics and spellcasters are real and seen my name mentioned on some with some good reviews. So there may be blogs for some niches out there aside from ones about fiverr.

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I think were you to write a blog using your fiverr account as an affiliate back to fiverr they’d struggle to be upset with you, as your essentially just an ad for their business.