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Good bye for now!

Hi forum, I am going to delete my account shortly with a new inspiration of making new ID and full concentration on fiverr … So , good bye for a short time … Thanks

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Why deleting? You already have a 5-star review. You can just delete all your gigs and post new ones or edit your profile completely. Seems like a waste.


I think your suggestion is the most effective suggestion , somebody told me, as I cancelled some projects (may be one milestone cancellation) , after that , I got no order at all.
and my response rate is very low , and I had that review before one year ago so, My profile has no future. he also informed me that , if I delete all GIG , My review will be invisible.
So I decided to do it,

Can you please suggest me what should be better for me , Im in uncomfortable confusion

Don’t delete the Gig where you have the 5-star review, but you can upgrade it and edit it to make it more profitable. You can cancel all the other Gigs and make new ones, but be sure to offer services you are fully capable of doing at your best and not just “to earn money”. Quality over quantity, always!

Some topics that might help you build valuable Gigs that your clients will appreciate:

  1. Basics To Improve Your Gig (this one is especially useful! :books:)

  2. Optimize Your Fiverr Gig

  3. How to get #1 SEARCH SPOT - Gig Optimisation

As for everything else, even on Fiverr nothing comes automatically. You need patience and you need to “study” to bring out the best in you to your potential clients.

Good luck! :grin:

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You are awesome and very supportive ma’am !!! :pray: :pray: :pray:.
Obviously I have the quality to accomplish the task what I offer for the client. Before one year , when I created this account , I got the first order very early, and after completing that job many buyer knocked me , I was so inspired , but after cancellation of a milestone, I got irregular on fiverr ( Both in Forum and Marketplace) and all kinds of buyer responses were about stopped.
However , My last query is , if I delete my all gigs , what will happen with my review ? will it exist or vanish. Thanks for your cooperation :pray: :pray: :pray:

I think if you delete the Gig where the review was left, you won’t be able to see that review on your profile and neither will your clients. So I suggest you don’t delete that one Gig where you had the 5 star review. However, you can edit that gig, changing pictures, prices and description to make it better!

All the other gigs can be deleted with no second thoughts if you feel like it, or you can simply edit them!

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Great idea , Thanks , Stay Safe and Stay Blessed :pray: :pray: :pray:

Great suggestions. People like you can give new directions to many people.