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Good comment but 4.7*


I have got first time 4.7* but positive comment. I really cant understand, if buyer sutified maybe she left * mistakly?
Also, I see that my gigs stat still 5*, how this 4.7* will effect on it? Thanks


Hello, above all do not mention that to the buyer who left that review.
All you can do is try to forget about it. It may not affect the overall rating.


Thank you. Of course I’ve not mentioned it. I said only thank you :slight_smile:
Main time this is not effected but I hope it will not effect in General. Thanks for your respond

There was a bug in the mobile app that will give 4.7 instead of 5 stars, it might be that or it can be that buyer didn’t think your gig was perfect.

How I can get information?! Maybe its good ti write CS?!

Omg! This has happened to me too yesterday…

Maybe there some bug?!

CS claims there is no such glitch and it simply happens when the person is using the mobile app and is not pressing on those stars well enough.

I think something is going on because if I get a 4.7, I often get a few of them in a row or very close to each other. But well. We can’t do anything about it.

I have one 3.7 glowing review, now that’s embarrassing. :slight_smile:


As I see you have also bad experiances in this matter. It’s said. So you don’t advice me to contact to CS and forget about this review!? thanks

I contacted them 3 times in 2 years and they always answer that there is no bug.

I actually rated my buyers a few times on the app (I mostly use the app for messages) and the rating stars have that stupid and unnecessary flowing animation to them that may be confusing to people. I can see how it may give away impression that the star will continue to fill out when in reality it gets stuck on 4.3 or 4.7.


Anyway I till try and contact them. Is there some risk to get worn or something like this from CS?! To contact in this matter?!

No, you’ll just waste your time and nothing will happen. :slight_smile:

4.7 is a good rating. 4.7 + a great review is awesome.


Thanks for good advices <3

4.7 is still a really good score.

Keep in mind that some buyers NEVER give a 5-star review, more out of principle than anything else. Even the best sellers on Fiverr will get some 4.7 star reviews from time-to-time.

Like others have said, don’t stress it, just focus on keeping your business moving.


I am not stressing, I`m little bit confused thats all. I am always trying to focus HQ and fast delivery. Also, I was confused with this review because I have made much more than was ordered, because for me the best result is always priority. P.s I have added in final delivery some additional elements for free.
Anyway thanks everyone for the respond😊

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For a while no one could leave any reviews from the app and the bug stopped. I was hoping that was permanent.