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Good communication, best services and patience are the key to success

I’ve been on Fiverr since a couple of years, though was not so active. Since a short while, I’m quite active and happy to deliver 8/9 orders (each with $20 or +) in last 25/30 days. Most of those completed orders, received excellent feedback with Tips from the buyer. Good communication, best services and patience are the key issue; especially patience is act as a catalyst to make success. If these qualities are enhanced, more and more order will come, no doubt. In recent experiences, I have provided almost 70+ revisions to a buyer, which resulted good achievement. So be optimist and active, whether you have so many feedback or not. Focusing on quality rather than quantity for reaching the goal.


thanks for sharing your experience

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You are most welcome dear noruzzamanrubel

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Thanks for discussing your opinion.
Go ahead.


You are most welcome!

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Amazing insights @alamin1973.

What were the keys to getting those 8/9 first sales?

What marketing tips would you give your colleagues?

Awesome! We are happy to see your extraordinary experience and confirm it will help to grow our capabilities. Thanks for sharing,… Be continued your new experience

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well said @alamin1973 freelancing is all about good communication and patience. I am working on Fiverr from the past one year and almost after 4 months, I have received an order and 5-star rating after getting 2-start from a buyer 7 months ago. and I am still facing a low rating issue (can’t send buyer’s request) but despite all these things, I am hopeful full.

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After receiving order, I full-filled the client’s full requirements as he expected. Then he satisfied and placed another order, I did the same and earned good feedback, this may have boost my gigs and received more orders.

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Thank you Samaratufail. Hope the success will coming on your way. Be optimist and active.

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@alam7614 Thank for your comment. I wish all the best for you.

Yeah. I think so and try to my best…

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Thank you for your comment @wp_pro4u

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. :smiley:

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Thank you @sonia_haque